Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Colorful Cauliflowers ,Coral Broccoli Stir Fry

What a colorful dish this was, the purple and orange cauliflowers together with the coral broccoli which is green, created a kaleidoscope. The texture and taste of the cauliflowers are the same as the usual white cauliflower but the green coral broccoli is very tender and sweet.



The recipe is the same as Mix vegetables chicken stir-fry. Replace the vegetables with cauliflowers and broccoli.



2 more days to Thanksgiving

Prepare the turkey gravy and the stuffing/dressing and leave in the fridge until needed.


Lydia said...

love those colours! wish they are available in Malaysia.

Allie said...

So colourful cauliflowers. My first time seeing it.

Anonymous said...

Can't believe they are so beautiful in color. It will be great help to the moms when most of the kids do not like vegetables

angie said...

Hi Aunt Lily

I just made this tonight and we love it!

Just one query, how do I cook the cauliflower to be crunchy and not raw?

I use a frying pan to prepare this dish as I am not very good with a chinese wok. I didn't cover the pan to fry the cauliflower. After tossing for some mins, they still looked very raw, so I put them in the microwave with some water on high 3 mins, after that I rejoined them to the rest as instructed by you.

Just wondering if it's less healthy to do so, cos microwaving it prob will reduce alot of its natural nutrients.


Unknown said...


here is a link which explains microwave and nutrients

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