Sunday, November 16, 2008

Belacan Pork

This is something new to me when belacan is concerned. To me, belacan is for Sambal only and thanks to great cooks who are so innovative to come up with new flavors like this, adding belacan powder into a flour which is used for coating meat for deep frying. This belacan flavored flour mix must be very popular as there are so many brands to choose from. I was given at least 3 brands and all of them are pretty good, the belacan is quite mild and for the brave, do add in more belacan and chilly to move this dish to another level.

2 lbs shoulder pork - cut into bite size
1 pkt of belacan powder mix
1/2 tsp oyster sauce
1/2 tsp sesame oil
Oil for deep frying

Season the pork pieces with the belacan powder mix for 30 minutes.
Add oyster sauce and sesame oil. Mix well.
Deep fry pork pieces until golden brown.



Angie's Recipes said...

This looks very Chinese and delicious to me. Do you serve it with any dipping? I love to eat them with peppered salt and L&P sauce.

Unknown said...


i don't know if it is chinese, there are many malaysian chinese who don't like belacan. This flour mix is very good for chicken or pork ribs.

i am not a dipping person but i am sure the peppered salt and l&p sauce will be good with it.

Little Corner of Mine said...

Oh yeah, Chong is one of those. He said, this chicken smell funny, don't cook it again! I used the premix I bought in M'sia, luckily I only bought one. Teruk betul right?

Unknown said...


chong is one picky eater i know. surprisely, we like this belacan powder mix, even jeremie ate with no complain, perhaps it was fried and all fried things taste good. in fact, i like to eat with sambal belacan.

Anonymous said...

Wonderful recipe do you know a recipe for Drunken Chicken?


Wen said...


The pork looks so delicious and I would like to try out this recipe. May I know what brand of belachan powder you use? What is the weight per pack or rather how many tsp? I don't know whether can I get it in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Do you have any recipes from yr mother-in-law on indonesian chinese dishes? First time commenting as I have been visiting yr site for awhile.

Unknown said...


i have 3 brands:

hup loong - balacan chicken powder
chef's - balacan chicken powder and yummy - belacan frying powder

They are 100 g except for hup loong which is 90 g

the manufacturers are all up north in penang and kedah

Unknown said...


my mil was a wonderful cook and unfortunately she did not stay with me so i did not learn any recipes from her. she made the best bak chang, dodol, hong bak, hakka char yoke and the best fish and prawn crackers. i think she made sambal lengkong to. I made sambal lengkong, my own version.

look for hong bak and hakka char yoke under pork

Unknown said...


i think i do, please look out for it

Cytoworld said...


I looked up belacan,and it is shrimp paste, hom ha in Chinese, can you rub the paste on the meat or use the shrimp paste to marinate and have the same outcome. I will go to the Asian store to see if I can get some belacan powder. thanks.

Unknown said...


hom ha is greyish and in a sauce form whereelse belacan comes in a block and is dark brown but the taste is the same.

you could marinate the meat with hom ha sauce with oyster sauce, pepper and sugar. Then before frying, add in flour and an egg would be good too.

Anonymous said...

back home in penang, fried belacan chicken is very popular.

Anonymous said...

What a web-site on recipes! How to keep my weight after reading your recipes - so many to try and do not know where to start.
There are so many gems in your website that I find difficulty to locate the recipe I want. May I suggest 1) Provide a recipe finder (a simpler version of Kuali website in the Star Newspaper of Malaysia (
2) Printer friendly for each recipe. Thanks

Soo T kok

Unknown said...

soo T kok

i too wish to provide a recipe finder, if only i know how.

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