Monday, November 17, 2008

Fish in Coconut Milk Sauce/Sothy

I remembered that this dish is called Sothy but everytime i asked my indian friends, they seemed to blink and i feel silly for asking. So, everytime i make this dish, i will say it is coconut milk curry and would not dare to say that it is called Sothy. I was very delighted, when i searched in the net and found this statement "Kiri hodi: a Sri Lankan curry sauce, made with coconut milk, onions andturmeric. Also called pol kiri and sothy. Kiri is a Sri Lankan word for coconut." The blink i get must be from indians who are not Sri Lankan.

4 pieces spanish mackeral steak
1 x 400 ml can coconut cream
2 slices ginger slices - julienned
1/2 tsp tumeric powder
1 tomato (optional)
Green or red pepper(optional)
salt and lime juice to taste
Fried shallots and cilantro for garnishing

Put all the ingredients to cook and the dish is done when the fish steaks are cooked.
Adjust the taste with salt and lime juice.
Serve with fried shallots and cilantro.



Anonymous said...

Lily, what a funny story... you get a blank stare from the Indians... I am sure that the Malaysian and Indonesian have similar situations, where we named the dish differently. For example, Onde-onde in Malaysia is called Klepon in Indonesia. What the Indonesian call Onde-onde is a dim sum item...deep fried sesame balls with mung bean filling. Indian vs. Sri Lankan... Indonesian vs. Malaysian...

One thing for sure... we love to eat, don't we?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily.. I am new to your blog and I like it very much, you are very genuine with your recipes, and really care to share with others. I have tried a few of your recipes and all turned out great. Thanks a lot.
This Fish in Coconut Milk recipe are exactly Malaysian version of Ikan Masak Lemak . My Malay friend taught me, simple and easy to cook and great with rice. Will try it soon!

Unknown said...


some malay version has chilli padi and tumeric leaves - this lemak is to die for

Unknown said...


yes, i do agree with you. food is so universal and most of the time, it is food that keeps friends and family together

LadyButterflyD said...

Hello Lily...

Your blog is the awesomessestssess! Its funny how you found indians who dont know what sothy is.I never knew until my mom introduced it to me. We aren't Ceylonese but she has a friend who makes sothy. We usually have "sothi" vegetarian style with tofu puffs and vermicelli. But I tried making this and it was sooo good! the fish and the coconut milk together.. I love malaysian combos! hehe!
keep up the great work!

P.S. Your claypot chicken rice recipe was the "one" that got me hooked to your blog!

Anonymous said...

Funny story indeed. Yeah Indians are not Sri Lankans. It is two different countries and I found out that Ceylonese cuisines are very much different than Indian cuisines. But I do love the Sothy. I am 1/8 Ceylonese and the other parts Mongolian etc. My mum used to make Sothy with fish or with just plain tofu and other vegetables. It sure does go well with tumbur belachan.:)

Anonymous said...

yes lily, u're rite... the blinks are from the non-srilankans... :)

Anne said...

Yup, your claypot chicken rice was the recipe which got me hooked to this blog too... Even my mom, the very hardest to please... was pleased with the claypot chicken rice.. ever since I used your recipe.. the dish had become a hit.. before that it was one of those dishes that you made when you were least inspired or motivated:).. thks you..

Term papers said...

Those are beautiful and interesting information about the various uses. I didn't know about that.
You have so many fantastic ideas! Your Idea to make Fish in Coconut Milk Sauce/Sothy are so pretty!

Sharon said...

Hi Lily,

I love your blog and receipes. It teach me how to make asian dishes and desserts that I'm not able to find in U.S.

The dish is Fish in coconut milk, but your recipe called for coconut cream. I know usually coconut cream is thicker than the coconut milk. So I would like to confirm the ingredient is using the cream and not milk. Can you pls confirm? If is really using the coconut cream, do I have to add some water to dilute it a little?

Unknown said...


cream or milk is the same, it depends how the manufacturer puts on their label. i like to check the saturated fat contents on the label and the higher the thicker the cream.

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