Thursday, May 20, 2010

Chinese Doughnut With Glutinious Rice

I love glutinious rice and also Hum Cheem Paeng/Chinese Doughnut, so a combination of these two satisfy my craving at one go, how wonderful.  But, what are they called in chinese?  I thought it is called 'Kap Sum Choong'  but my dear friend, Peng, said it is called ' Kap Choong'.  I know that someone out there knows the name.  Help!!!!!


1/2 recipe of Hum Cheem Paeng II
1 cup glutinious rice - soaked
2 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt


Put the soaked glutinious rice, sugar, salt and enough water to come to just above the rice, in the rice cooker and cook rice until done.

Remove and let cool slightly.  While still warm, form into a log.

Roll the hum cheem paeng dough out into a rectangular shape, the length of the glutinious rice log, the width should be just enough to wrap up the glutionious log.  Pinch the seames tightly to seal.

Cut into 3/4  - 1 inch pieces and roll each piece out slightly and form them back into shape.

Dust away as much bench flour as possible before deep frying.

Deep fry on medium heat and keep turning hum cheem paeng for even browning.




Little Corner of Mine said...

This is my favorite along with salty ham chim peng and the one with sesame seeds in the letter 8. I only know how to eat without knowing all the names. :P

MaryMoh said...

I'm no help here, Lily. I'm only good in eating this...haha....very, very delicious. I remember eating this in Penang. I have to make one of these days too. Haiyah...if only I stay next to you :P

tina said...

hmm.. never seen this before. Thanks for the recipe. Will have to try it one day. BTW, i have an award for you at

joy said...

I love Chinese donuts. I used to make it using biscuits but this recipe is so much better.

LION GIRL said...

Oh, this is my favourite! In fact I just bought one for my tea break yesterday. I love it with more pulut spread out in the middle n the dough crispy. Yummy!

natasya said...

We call these 'kap chung' too which is probably short for 'kap sum chung'. Whatever the name is, these are delish. Well done, Lily. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

Pete said...

Wah, can start Hum Chim Peng franchise already! LOL!

Ube said...

Are these the same as the YOU TIAO or Chinese Crullers they have in Hong Kong? I like to pair my you tiao with fish congee for breakfast. Welcome back! I surely miss you much.

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

I can't help, I dont know the name, only know to eat, hehehe..This is my favourite too as I love glutinous rice, when I buy Yau Cha Keow, I sure buy few of this, simply yummy.

lilyng said...


you tiao is another name for yau char kway.

Raymond Ho, FCD said...

I believe that it's called "Kap Choong" in Cantonese for those that live in Ipoh (where I was from). Never heard of it as "Kap Sum Choong" but it might be a regional name for other parts of Malaysia.

lilyng said...

natasya and raymond ho

thanks, then peng is right - kap choong is more appropriate

Vivien said...

In Kampar(Perak) the kueh sellers called it Kap Chong. I haven't heard of any other name for it.
Defintely my favourite snack.... Yummy.

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