Sunday, May 03, 2009

Happy Cancun Tan


I am back after a week of leisure, real luxury leisure - lazed in the sunny beach and baked in the sun by the pool. Yes, baked, the family looked as tan as these breads above. That's all the baking and roasting i did for the week - tanned thighs and legs. We booked this trip to Cancun as it was track-off for Renee and despite of the scare in Mexico, we had great fun especially Renee and Alexander.

Same as Tau Sar Bun

Divide dough into rounds or ovals.
Flatten the round/oval dough and using a round cookie cutter, cut the mouth and place the piece of cut-out dough for the nose - use egg-white to stick it on.
Using smaller cutters, cut the eyes and use them for ears.
Let dough proof to double the size, then glaze with egg-wash and decorate the hair and eye-brow with black sesame seeds, red colored sugar for cheeks and M&M for ear-rings. Be creative and have fun as there will be surprises and grins from the results.



Little Corner of Mine said...

Welcome Back! Wow, as tan as the breads huh? That's very tan to me. :P

Beachlover said...

WC back!! so cool vacation in Cancun.Must be hot! When I look at your post title,I was thinking,is there something or food called Cancun Tan? hahaha!*clap,clap* creative!!

Mary said...

Welcome back! The bread is hilarious.

Para i familiaku said...

Wow, you have awesome recipes! I have added your blog as a link to mine, please come and visit mine! I will definately try some of your recipes...... they look so delcious.. I wish you also had one recipe for seseme balls.. I love seseme balls

lilyng said...

para i familiaku

thanks for visiting my blog.

you could try the recipe here wet the balls in water and roll in sesame seeds before frying.

jadepearl said...

Wow...Cancun vacation? Heard that its a awesome place. A nice tan would be just great for summer, ya? Love your cakes and bakes! :)

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