Sunday, December 28, 2008

Steamed Salted Spanish Mackeral

I love salted fish cooked this way especially if the flesh of the spanish mackeral is soft and powdery - the cantonese way to describe this texture is 'MUI HEONG". MUI - means can be torn easily - that is if it is a piece of cloth but for the fish - MUI means melts in the mouth. HEONG - Fragrant to those who have acquired a taste for it. Unfortunately, this salted fish bought in the Korean Store, is very different from the salted MUI HEONG from Malaysia. The flesh is not salty and it is firm. Anyway, it made a very good accompaniment to plain rice or congee.

1 piece of salted spanish mackeral or any salted fish
2 tbsp of julienned ginger
5 tbsp oil

Place fish on a dish which can fit the rice cooker.
Put ginger slices on top of fish and pour oil over.
Place dish on top of the rice when no more big bubbles are visible.
Close the lid of rice cooker and let fish and rice to complete cooking.
When the rice is ready, the fish should be cooked too.



Nathan said...

I have a container of salted mackarel packed in oil, I don't know what to do with it? Any suggestions? Can it be used in this recipe? It's sort of stinky...

lilyng said...


the ones which are stinky and packed in oil are the best. yes you can use this recipe. you could have steam ground pork with a piece of salted fish on top.

The salted fish is fantastic for fried rice or added into the fish and pork paste for yeong tau foo.

I think i have added some into the claypot tofu.

Anonymous said...

Lily, surely you would like this dish, do you steam
reconstituted dry-
cured duck cut into pieces with just some ginger
and rice wine on a platter until done?

Anonymous said...

How do you get rid of residual
cooking smells
especially after
preparing a salted
fish/fried rice

lilyng said...


i would light up a candle to rid of residual smell and for the microwave, i will nuke a glass of water with a tsp of vanilla

Anonymous said...

I bought a quantity of premium smoked
salmon fillets at a very
substantial discount indeed at my local Western supermarket,
very good for eating in conjunction with
intended foods, it's very salty,
was wondering if
I could cook or
use it much like
I would with salted dried fish.

lilyng said...


be adventurous with your food. i bet you can.

Anonymous said...

You pay me a compliment that I'm totally undeserved of, being a novice

anon said...

Premium smoked salmon is normally
unaffordable but
at a 75% discount
I couldn't resist making some purchases but am not sure about
freezing the unused packets as
possibly affecting
texture, any tips, apart from
keeping in coldest part of fridge.

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