Monday, November 13, 2006

Hum Cheem Paeng

sAfter many attempts, I think i am satisfied with the result of this recipe , it is sweet enongh and the saltiness is just right. The recipe is for plain with 5 spice powder but a filling of red bean paste is also good eats.

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600 g flour
312 ml water
225 g sugar
1/2 tsp soda bicarbonate/baking soda
1 tsp ammonia
3 tsp salt
2 tbsp melted margarine
100 g yeast dough

1 tsp five spice powder
sesame seeds
cooking oil

For yeast dough
100 g flour
100 ml water
1/2 tsp yeast


For yeast dough:

Mix 100 g flour with 100 ml water and 1/2 tsp yeast and mix into a dough. Leave to ferment for two(2) hours.

Mix all the ingredients in A. and knead into a smooth dough.

Roll out the dough 25mm thick.

Rub five spice powder and sprinkle some water on top of rolled out dough.

Roll the dought to resemble a swiss roll.

Cut it into 12.5 mm thick pieces.

Roll each into a flat round, brush with a little water and sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Heat cooking oil for deep frying.

As soon as the dough floats to the top, it has to be turned and flipped until it bloats.

Fry until brown.



michelle said...

my fav....makes me miss my morning breakfasts in msia. i love this!!! will try to make it once i gather the ingredients.

i'm glad to have stumble upon your blog, really miss msian food.

i'm currently studying in lincoln, ne.

Anonymous said...

you're so talented! I'm still a little iffy with yeast stuff...they tend to not like me sometimes!

Anonymous said...

Hmm.... imagine Hum Cheem Paeng with kaya filling.

I never tasted the red bean filling ones though, will try them one day :)

Anonymous said...

Hi, anyone has any idea where i can get the ammonia? I'm in Melbourne Australia...

Anonymous said...

the recipe only needs 100g yeast dough, so for the yeast dough of 100g flour, 100g water & 1/2 tsp yeast, yield how many gm of yeast dough? if excess, can store in fridge or freezer? thanks!

lilyng said...


the yeast dough has enough for another go. leave it in the fridge and by 3 days if you have not used it, feed it with a tablspoon of flour and 2 tbsps water and then leave in the fridge again. it can be left in the freezer, when you need it, thaw it thoroughly before using

Marsha said...

hi there, i'm a singaporean mum of 2, across the atlantic from you in london and i've been lurking around and trying out your recipes for a short while now. and i must say, i've tried your chai tow kueh amonst others and all of them were successful! so i thought, i'd "de-lurk" and say a big hello to you and thank you for all the wonderful recipes you've posted so far! keep them coming!

juei said...

Hi, first time come to your blog. You are such a talented cook. I am from dallas, I wonder where do you get ammonia powder? Because so far I can't find them here in Dallas. :) And also, the red bean paste, you do it yourself? Or...can you actually buy that in your place?

Sorry if I ask too much questions for the first time. It's just, I am too excited to see Hum Cheem Paeng especially after so long never have them! And yes, I am from Malaysia. :D


Anonymous said...

ops, I think I found the link to get the ammonia powder from your side. THanks!


Anonymous said...

Hmmm...that is so inviting. I can't wait to try your recipe, Lily. The last time I ate them was 2 years ago when I went back home to visit my parents and I've been craving for it.
Jenny from Panama City Beach, Florida, USA

cin said...

thanks for the recipe. I'm looking forward to trying my hand at these having just returned from M'sia. Btw, I have been unsuccessfully searching for a recipe for ma kyok - like ham cheem pang but with the sesame paste or something. any ideas?

lilyng said...


i am sorry i don't have the recipe for ma kyok. if i can recall the taste, it should be sweeter that's why it gets very dark after frying. i guess you could add in more sugar to the hum cheem paeng recipe and shape it like the horse's hoof.

if anyone visiting this blog has the recipe for ma kyok, please do share

Anonymous said...

I am not sure excxatly what kind of dish this is. It does look good. I am also not sure about the red bean paster. I think it must be different than New Orleans red bean paste.

Anyways nice Blog.

Steam Oven Recipes Cooking

lilyng said...


this snack is very similar to the beignet and since it is chinese ,5 spice powder is used instead of cinnamon.

red bean paste is made with red bean(adzuki), sugar and oil.

Anonymous said...

WOW I salute made home-made Hum Cheem Paeng!

Ningster said...

Thank god I found your website when I was googling for Rotiboy recipe... studying in Canada, I miss all the Singapore and Malaysia food... looking at ur blog makes me hungry :)~

I'm going to try out all the recipes and hope I succeed. Thanks for sharing your talent!

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Gwen said...

Post some more! My Dad has arrived in US, and will be driving to Augusta on Friday. I don't know if he will stop in CO this time.

lilyng said...


you have gone mia and i have been kept busy with these 2 kiddos. how come dad did not ring me, perhaps he does not want to stop by. would love to have him come and stay. did mom come along?

lilyng said...

the last art


Anonymous said...

Dear Lily,

I can't even remember the last time I had this. It has been so long. When I saw your Hum Cheem Paeng photo, I remember the taste of it!

Thanks for the recipe.

Patricia Karich said...

Hi Lily, I am going to use your Hum Cheem Paeng recipe this weekend and boiling up some sweet red bean soup to dunk it in. I recall going to Petaling Street with my Mom shopping in Chinatown, KL and sitting on those cute little wooden stools and having a small bowl of ang tau chui with cut up pieces of hum cheem paeng. I love everything that reminds me of my Mom. Thanks Lily. You are so talented and such a sweetheart.

Love your blog, very nicely done.

Patricia from Mead

Amelia said...

Hi Lily, I try the HCP recipes today but I forgot to weight the starter dough so I pour the whole thing into the B ingredients. Well the dough was very sticky, so it's quite difficult to shape. Anyway the texture is soft and puffy, I'll post the picture in I. kitchen (TLC). Thanks for sharing.

Anonymous said...

hi, i second the question about where to get ammonia in melbourne australia. perhaps if i know what it is called in cantonese, i might have more luck finding it. help anyone??

lilyng said...


sorry about the late reply. had problems with blogger. did not know that i had to download the new version.

well, better late than never. just published 119 comments.

ammonia powder is called 'chow fun' in cantonese

Anonymous said...

hi lily, what exactly does the ammonia powder do to this recipe? is there a substitute, ie, baking powder, etc? i have searched for this ingredient everywhere in melbourne australia but no success.

lilyng said...


i supposed you could use double action baking powder if you have to.

Anonymous said...

OMGG........i miss this soo much!!!

i'm a student in newcastle, UK. Having a hard time without malaysian food..

wat's yeast dough? i'm rather keen on trying out this recipe!



lilyng said...


The yeast dough recipe is there and you will have enough to make 2 times the recipe

美鳳 said...

不知why做出來的內部是實心的like a roti
最後全部丟tong sampah了,,
i'm a malsysian who lived in taipei
nice to meet u ..

lilyng said...

hi yap(if i am wrong pl correct me)

i am sorry i don't read chinese and am guessing your first name as it looked like my mom's.

could you write in english or bahasa melayu and i will gladly answer your questions.


美鳳 said...

HA,,my english is very poor ..
i suppose u are a malaysian who can read in chinese,,..
i had used your recipe and done it ,,but it was not success's look out very burliness
(betul tak ?? meaning tak ada lubang insides the ball ..??
HAHA,,do u understand what i say..?? u know what is the reason ??..
thanks a lots for answers my questions

lilyng said...

hi yip/yap

you did not tell me if i was wrong in your last name.

i think i would have to try making this recipe again as you are the second person who are not very happy with the result. i too did not get too much holes like the professional hawker.

your english is fine, the main thing is to write and you will be understood.

美鳳 said...

i don't know how to ans your question abt my name because i don't understand what u mean ..
why u wrote in ~yip OR yap ..??
what is your mon's name??hehe..
actually i had done 2 resipi but all are not succesed totally ..
one is your's and another is "play with my food..resipi ..
kedua-dua pun tak ada lubang's looks like a ball
is mime prove time wrong ,,,,
i prove it about 2hr,,..
i will try it someimes ,,thx u so much ,,,

lilyng said...

yip foong(i hope i am right)

so sorry that i don't read chinese and don't know how to address you. my mom is hakka so her last name is yap and if you are cantonese then it will be yip. your first name looked like foong to me. sorry if i am wrong.

you should flatten the dough abit like a burger bun before frying then it will not become a round ball.

Anonymous said...

Dear Aunty,

Do you happen to know how to make the sweet glutinous rice filling for the hum chim paeng?
Thank you for your time.

lilyng said...


i presume it must be just glutionious rice cooked with sugar

Anonymous said...

Hey lily,

i love your blog! my grandma has been wondering where i stole all the "kung fu" in cooking. she is 82 now, and is the rightful owner of all the old recipes until i found ur blog!

oh yeah, can i use the dough for this to make beh hwa chi? its also a member of the yau char kwai family, but the sweet one with sesame.


lilyng said...


i don't really know but it's worth a try, add more sugar but fry in moderately high heat to begin with and then turn the heat up for the last minute. Spoon out some hot oil, this way the heat builds up faster.

you should ask grandma for all her recipes and document them. i would be glad to try out any of grandma's recipe if you would share

Katie said...

Hi Lily!
I enjoy your recipes very much
but um.. how many cups is 600g of flour and 225g sugar?

Thanks in advance!

lilyng said...


i don't know how many cups is 600 g flour but using this conversion here

it says 6 cups.

use this same conversion for sugar.

Azul said...

Hi Lily, How r u?
Thanks for sharing this recipe. I have been looking Hum Cheem Paeng recipe. I'm glad that I finally can find it. My sister in law loves to eat it a lot. I will try to make it 2molo.

Good day.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

I am sooooooooo happy to find your blog!!! You are so good in cooking & I salute you. I have some questions about the methods below.

1) Mix 100 g flour with 100 ml water and 1/2 tsp yeast and mix into a dough. Leave to ferment for two(2) hours.

2) Mix all the ingredients in A. and knead into a smooth dough.

Do I mix (1) to (2) after (1) is being fermented for 2 hours?

I am sorry I am so confused.

Hoping to hear your reply!

You truly inspired me with all your fantabolous recipes:)


lilyng said...


Do I mix (1) to (2) after (1) is being fermented for 2 hours?

>> you are absolutely right.

i was not so happy with this recipe perhaps you would want to try the recipe in hum cheem paeng II

Anonymous said...


You live in Melbourne you can find ammonia in Footscray or Richmond, at any Vietnames or Chinese groceries shop. It's called bột khai in Vietnamese.

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