Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Curry Laksa

For the 6 years that i have been here, Halloween night had been very cold and last night was no different, it was freezing. I had to cook fast and without fuss so that we can eat before the door bell rings like crazy. It took me less than 30 minutes to prepare this delicious laksa and i am giving this product a thumb up not because this is sponsored by but because it did taste like our malaysian curry laksa minus the cockle though. I think the dried prawns in the ingredients did the trick. Every busy mom, students etc who missed curry laksa should have this product in their pantry.

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250 gm rice vermicelli (Wai Wai Brand)
100 gm bean sprouts
8 ozs fish/meat balls of your choice
6 - 8 pieces fried bean curd(taufu pok) - cut into small pieces
1 packet Tean's Gourmet Curry Laksa
1 can 400 ml coconut milk
1 tsp chicken granules
Salt to taste


Boil a small pot of hot water and when it comes to the boil, pour it over the rice vermicelli and leave to soak until it is cooked. Drain. If using other than this brand, the rice vermicelli should be soaked first and then boil for a few minutes until cooked.

Put bean sprouts in a bowl and microwave for 30 seconds on high.

In a big pot, put 1500 ml water, the curry paste , chicken granules and the fried bean curds. Bring to the boil and cook on medium heat until the bean curds are soft.

Add in the fish/meat balls and when the balls are heated through, add in the coconut milk. Stir and do not allow the soup to boil. Turn off heat.

To serve, put a handful of cooked rice vermicelli and bean sprouts into a large bowl and scoop hot soup together with fish/meat balls and bean curds.

Sambal belacan can be served at the side.



A laksa-deprived Johorean said...

Hi Lily,

Your laksa looks so yummy.I've been living here in US for the past 5 years (I'm in WA now)& one thing I miss most is laksa!Have been looking high & low at all the Asian supermarkets for laksa paste but no luck.I was thinking of ordering the laksa paste from & was wondering if they are a reputable company.Any idea what state they're in?

Winnie said...

Did you buy the paste online?

speedoflight said...

How spicy is this dish? Is it very spicy hot?

lilyng said...

winnie sent me a huge parcel full of paste for my evaluation and this is one of them. will give my honest opinion of their products when i get to cook them.

the old town white coffee is very good

lilyng said...

a laksa-deprived johorean

Here is the link where you can find some of satisfied costumers.

my package came just one day as promised and the glass bottles are all nicely bubbled wrapped

give them a chance

lilyng said...


it is the right spiciness for me. Squeeze lime in before eating, it will tone down the spiciness abit.

i have fried sing chow mei again, this time no curry powder and it was great. will post it soon

Anonymous said...

Thanks Lily! I went to the link you gave & also did a little of my own 'investigations'.I'm very kaypoh-lah.I even managed to see pics of the boss "Ray"! Hehe! :P
I'm going to order myself a few pkts of that laksa paste right now! Cannot tahan already.

speedoflight said...

Now...drum did you get the package of goodies from Can I just write in and ask for samples?

Waiting with bated breath for the Sing Chow Mei!! :-)

lilyng said...


Ray, the boss of happens to be the administrator of and i am a member of his forum. I think you should become a member too, there are so many malaysians there.

Ray wanted to link so i was just joking that perhaps i could promote his product if i post the cooked product and he generously sent in some. he is going to be a very successful businessman.

Anonymous said...

Yay... I got a packet from Chinatown in NYC. It's still in my cupboard somewhere, now I will definitely give it a try.

lilyng said...


if you like it, you know where to get it online.

speedoflight said...

I got my package this week with the Curry Laksa paste. Will be trying soon. Will let you know how it goes. I'm a wimp when it comes to spiciness.

Boy, do you get nailed by the shipping fees. It's not cheap at all to get these products. I wish they would find a way to charge less for shipping. I frequently buy products online and the shipping prices are far less than is charged by

Ray said...

Dear Speedoflight

Thanks for shopping at!

Yeah, I understand your concern about the high shipping cost but shipping from PA to the west coast is normally more expensive.

However, we are currently working on getting better shipping rates from few potential carriers. Hopefully we will able to workout something to reduce the shipping cost and make Msian products more affordable and accessible to Msians or Asians in the US. Trust me, we understand how it feels to pay high shipping...! :) Give us some time ya :)

Thank you...

Lily..thank u ! :)

speedoflight said...

Tried the curry laksa package. It is quite spicy. I ended up using a whole can of coconut milk instead of the measurements that was suggested. It helped tone down the spiciness. Next time, I will try to scoop out the red chili oil in the package. This will most definitely help in cutting out the spiciness.

The Curry Laksa paste taste is pretty good and is indeed a great way to cook the dish if you do not want to spend a long time doing with a full fledge recipe (long route).

tony said...

Hi Lily
The laksa looks delicious
we have malaysian food safari here on sbs in sydney and they do a great laksa using ingredients and paste,
how about posting your RENDANG RECIPE?

Tricia Lee-Chin said...

Hey Lily,

Can you please tell me what's the serving size for 1 packet? Thinking about making it when we have a small gathering. Need to know how many packet I should get.


lilyng said...


Following the instructions, i used 1500 ml water and then the whole can of 400 ml coconut thus making about +- 1800 - 1900 ml of curry. I should say it will serve 5 big bowls(chinese soup bowls)

Anonymous said...

We are quite lucky in Perth, WA because most Malaysian & Singaporean food stuff are available in Chinese gourmet shops eespecially South of the River- DannyK

lilyng said...


i envy you all downunder, we here have to depend on the vietnamese or korean stores or online.

Say hi to Fong

Anonymous said...

Kongs has many Laksa pastes... the Ten Ten does a wonderful dish.. both in Vic Park.. where else of course?

lilyng said...


excuse my poor geography, where is Vic. Park?

Anonymous said...

Tried Tean's Laksa paste today for dinner. Served yellow noodles with fish ball, taupok, hard-boiled egg, shredded chicken, and tofu stuffed with fish paste. Invited friends over for dinner. They were blown away by the laksa. It was absolutely delicious!! Taste just as good as the hawker stalls in KL. Thank you, Lily for introducing Tean's Laksa paste.

Yoke Ching said...

Tean's curry paste & curry laksa realy yummy. Have you try prawn noodle paste, its very nice too ...

LI LAINE OOI said...

Dear Lily

I can vouch for Tean's Gourmet being the best Malaysian instant paste makers! They have single handedly allowed me to survive the years in Sydney
I hope I can find it in Colorado as well.


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