Sunday, July 31, 2011

Soft Tofu and Fish Paste/老少平安

This dish is simple to prepare and it is considered as Mom's cooking. I don't know about other Moms but i do know that my Mom love to cook this and the whole family loved the dish. After the family laid my Mom to rest last year, my brother took us out for lunch and he ordered this dish. It was then that he told me the name of this dish - Lo Sui Ping On.

To read further and for recipe, click HERE

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Anonymous said...

hi Aunty Lily

just wanna say thanks for sharing all the wonderful recipes and occasional stories/memories that goes with them

I had this老少平安 in a very traditional eatery in KL Chinatown. its amazing to know someone on the other side of the globe is cooking it too

May you be blessed with good health and happiness always


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