Friday, June 03, 2011

Madeleines - Chef Daniel Boulud

This has been my 6th times that i have been on this page. Have been trying to post this but has always been interrupted by calls or whatever?? I hope i made it this time in posting this recipe. This following recipe was originally published in the cookbook “Chef Daniel Boulud – Cooking in New York City.” I knew this recipe would produce good Madeleines, as i have good faith in Chef Daniel Boulud to publish a reliable recipe. He did and this recipe is easy and a keeper. I have changed the method and instead of dusting with confectioner's sugar as suggested, i hae coated one end with melted chocolate to enhance the appearance as well as improving the flavor.

The recipe is HERE


Tastes of Home said...

Lovely madeleines! You know Lily, I have yet to try making any..thanks for sharing the recipe :)

Joy said...

The madeleines looks great.

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