Monday, December 06, 2010

Super Soft Pau

When my friend. Lena wanted to make pau, i suggested that she try out this Tien Tsin Pau recipe. She liked the pau skin alot and has been suggesting to friends to try it.

The recipe is HERE


Maricel said...

Hi Lily, beautiful paus. May I ask how you pleated the elongated pau?

lilyng said...


please click for recipe and you will find there are 4 links on how to pleat paus.

Anonymous said...

Hi LIly, thanks for the recipe. I made it and it taste pretty good, however, overnight, it was a bit dry. I substituted veg oil 1 for 1 for shortening, was that not enough? thanks for your help and the recipe!

shirleythien said...

Hey Lily,

Love this wonderful recipe of yours. It came out perfect. I wonder if I can make 'man tou' from this recipe? How much additional sugar or flour do I need to put? Please advise and thanks for your help.

lilyng said...


i am glad you liked this supersoft pau, it is my favorite too.

yes, you can use this dough and make mantou and you do not have to change or add any other ingredients. Shape as you like.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lily,

I have tried the super soft pau recipe, but the dough comes out very sticky. i've removed 4 tablespoon of water from the 240 ml needed. the dough is still very sticky. i've added 4-5 tbsp of flour to be able to form the paus. can you please tell me what i've done wrong? i've made the dough with a kenwood chef. the paus is good and soft, but the shape of the pau comes out flat when cooked. i've also tried the tien tsi pau, when cooked the dough of the pau is a bit dry in mouth. can you please tell me how to avoid this. thank you very much. hope to obtain a reply from you.

lilyng said...


sticky dough and pau turning flat, both are signs that there is too much liquid. Your pau flour must be very new and if you are in the tropics, humidity adds moisture to flour. Try and use less water and then continue to add it in slowly.

if pau is dry, try adding in more oil or shortening.

Anonymous said...

Dear Lily,

I would like to know if it is possible to make the dough of the super soft pau 1 day in advance?

lilyng said...


yes, put the risen dough in an oiled ziploc bag and put in the fridge. Let it come back to room-temp before filling and shaping

Hana said...

Hi Lily,

Btw, where i can buy papers for steamed buns in Hong Kong (please provide me shops' name and addresses. Thank you so much.

lily ng said...


i don't know where to buy papers for steamed buns in hong kong, sorry. i use parchment paper and cut to the size to fit the steam buns.

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