Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Fan Tuan

i have not heard about this breakfast delight until my friend, Claire asked me about it. I looked up in the net and found what it is and it looked easy to prepare. I had all the ingredients to make them and i even made the Yau Char Kway. It is a really heavy breakfast, one of these rice rolls will fill you until dinner, you can skip lunch.

2 cups glutinous rice - washed and soaked
1 cup Pork Floss
1/2 cup sichuan vegetable(char choy)
1 tsp chopped garlic
1/2 tsp sugar
8 pieces Yau Char Kway
1 tsp Salt
1 tbsp oil

Put glutinous rice and salt in a rice cooker and add in water just enough to cover the rice.
Cook rice until cooked.
Heat oil and add in chopped garlic. Saute until garlic is fragrant, then add in the sichuan vegetable. Add in sugar to taste. Remove and set aside to cool.
To assemble:
Place a huge scoop of cooked rice on a cling wrap with a sushi mat at the bottom, then to top rice with a tbsp sichuan vegetable, 2 tbsp of pork floss and a piece of yau char kway.
Roll the rice over to cover the fillings and wrap tight with the cling wrap.
The roll is ready to eat



Anonymous said...

Hi Lily, Have not heard of this before, but sounds interesting. How many can this recipe make and can it keep?
Thanks for our blog.. it's great.

Hugbear said...

Lily, I have eaten this when I was working in Taipei. Very common breakfast item. I remember they put chai por, pork floss, yu char kway and glutinous rice. Very yummy.

Little Corner of Mine said...

How cool is this! I can make this for Evy lunch box next year. Never have this before but Chong loves to buy yu char kway from Denver, hmmm, next time should save some to try this. You can make a small one, less filling lor.

Anonymous said...

This is very popular in Taiwan. Sometime make it for my family to take to work and school.


chris seet said...

Hi Lily.,
My name is chris and am from Spore. Have discovered your blog recently and am amazed at the things you have created, particularly the asian dishes. Dont know if you have ever come across a rum cake that is made popular by Mon't Dor cafe in the sixties. Its a sponge roll with rum cake filling. Still marketed by Polar cafe in Spore now but they called it Mur cake the reverse spelling of rum. Sad to say the standard has dropped tremendously, Wonder if you have any impression of this cake and the way to makeit?My email is

lilyng said...

chris seet

i am sorry i have not come across this cake and if anyone has the recipe, i would like to try baking it.

Mary said...

Lily, just when I think I have become a citizen of the world I come across something that sets me back a pace. I had never heard of pork floss and had to do a search for information. This sounds very interesting. I hope you are having a good day.

Food! Food! Food! said...

Hi Lily,
I have tried this recipe and it turned out great. Thank you for sharing...

Anonymous said...

This is calleed 'png wan' in Taiwan. You can make it with sushi rice too.

Anonymous said...

Well pork foss called on the container pork sung.

Anonymous said...

love it with pork floss, sweetened cai pu and brown rice :D :D :D

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