Thursday, March 26, 2009

Renee's 7th Birthday - Cinderella

Renee turned seven on March 23rd and this year her theme for her party was Princess and she requested Cinderella. Instead of the usual birthday cake, i made her Cinderella from konnyaku or rather, the skirt only was from konnyaku. The top skirt was made from a jelly mould and the bottom skirt was a bundt cake pan.


3 pkts x 10 gm konnyaku jelly powder
630 gm sugar
2,850 ml water
Condensed milk
Blue food coloring

Mix the konnyaku jelly powder and sugar.
Bring the water to the boil and slowing add in the jelly powder and sugar mixture. Stirring until all the sugar is dissolved and the mixture is clear.
Separate mixture into 3 portions, color one portion light blue, dark blue and white which has condensed milk added.
Make the skirts by layering the bundt pan and jelly mould with alternate colors.
Put in the fridge to set.
When chilled, remove from moulds and assemble.
Top with a Cinderella doll.
Ensure layers are well set before adding the next layer.
Ensure the mixture for the layers are alway hot so that it can adhere to the set layer.



Wen said...

Hi Lily,

This is so creative and pretty! Thanks for this great ideas!


Maricel said...

Thanks for the tip on making the layers stick together. I always had a hard time layering gelatin desserts.

javapot said...

wow, hats off - the cake looks beautiful!

Happy Bday to Renee, she must be one happy girl.

Beachlover said...

what a beautiful jelly cake!! you're so creative!!.your grand daughter is a lucky gal:P

Lish said...

This looks really fabulous! You have a way with the layers and colors

Angie's Recipes said...

Happy Birthday to Renee!
You have done a super cake!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily, Wow, such a lovely cake, thanks for posting a great idea for my gals next birthday. Btw, the lace between the bundt pan and jelly mould is it paper or plastic?

lilyng said...


It is a plastic doilly

Mary said...

Lily, your cake is really beautiful. I'm sure the birthday girl was thrilled.

sue said...

Oh Wow!! What a beautiful Birthday Cake...your grand daughter is so lucky....Lily, you are so creative, and thank you so much for the recipe..I have a six year old niece, her birthday was in March next year...^wink^, ^wink^....


Cakebrain said...

what a fantastic idea using konnyaku! I never would have thought to make a jelly. her dress glistens!

Anonymous said...

OMG! Lily, you are soooooo totally amazing!!!

Yan said...

happy belated bdae to your grand daughter !!!!

and Lily, kudos to your artistry in the making of the many of this Princess cake.

and to the many bakes and dishes, kuehs etc that you have been tempting me all this while. drooling from afar, the tropical little red dot islander....


Jennifer said...


Very beautify cake and creative way of making the agar agar cake. I like this idea.


Big Boys Oven said...

wow Auntie Lily, this so beautiful, I like the choice of color that you had picked so glowy blue just awesome madam!

Biodiversity Herbs and Baking Supplies said...

Happy Birthday to Renee! The jelly is absolutely beautiful and the layers are so even and perfect. Lily, you really have talents!

Anonymous said...

whr can i get the dolly?

lilyng said...


the cinderalla dolly is the part of a bubble bath set bought from walmart.

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