Sunday, February 17, 2008

Forever Friends

I am very honored to be a friend to tt who, being so young and yet so knowledgable in cooking and baking, has put in the highest ranking in 'The Hall of Shame'.

I would like to pass this on to my really really good friends

  • Little Corner of Mine

  • Do What I Like

  • Simple Pleasures

  • Tahai

  • East Meet West Kitchen

    Little Corner of Mine said...

    Thanks Lily, likewise! :*

    Wandering Foodie Winnie said...

    Thank you Lily,
    I am honored to be your friend. I've learned a lot from you. See you soon (when old man Winter leaves town).

    YozoraNiteSky said...

    Hi Lily...thank you so much for your Taro Cake (Woo Tou Koh) recipe. I really loved it...hugz!!

    Anonymous said...

    lily.. " is it miss spelling, the hall of SHAME?????

    HCL said...

    Got to your site randomly and was very amazed by the amount of food recipes you've put. Great site with great resource by a great chef.

    And the foods are so familiar!So delicious!


    East Meets West Kitchen said...

    Thank you Aunty Lily! You're the best!

    Lee Ping (mrshbt) said...

    It is a blessing to have friends. Thanks for sharing all these authentic foods from home. Hopefully, one day, I will make it to your circle of friends.

    lilyng said...

    lee ping

    i missed you and if i knew that you are back blogging, i would like you to be my friend forever too.

    please do drop me a line or two

    Florence said...

    Hi Lily,
    Thank you for the friendship ball.

    You've been tagged by me:

    Anonymous said...

    Lily, not sure if you're aware that its for the Hall of SHAME??? or is this a typo?

    lilyng said...


    no, it is not a typo, i am no where near or ever will be in 'the hall of fame' in this lifetime

    bangkok said...

    Hi, Lily
    Thanks, I'm honored to take this friendship ball from you.

    I was out of town for weeks, yet " late is better than never", :P.

    Enjoy your girls' gather together party at Tina's. Hope one day I'll be able to join your girls too.

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