Sunday, March 04, 2007

Cabbage Rolls

The cabbage keeps so well in the fridge that it will always be cooked only when all other greens are consumed. When a cabbage dish is served, my daughter would comment - 'so, we need to buy greens tomorrow?' This is one way to cook the cabbage.

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200g chicken fillet/pork
4 Chinese dry mushrooms - soaked
25g carrot
8 cabbage leaves
1/2 cup chicken stock

1/2 tsp. salt
1/2 tsp. sugar
egg white from one egg
A little pepper



Mince chicken fillet/pork, dice Chinese dry mushrooms and chop fine the carrot .

Rinse cabbage, trim the stem and blanch until tender.

Chop the stem finely

Mix chicken/pork with vegetables, season and mix well to make the filling.

Fill each cabbage leaf with enough filling, and roll up.

Pour Chicken stock over rolls and steam for 15 minutes.



Little Corner of Mine said...


michael edelman said...

Isn't it amzing how universal the stuffed cabbage is? I grew up eating the sweet-and-sour Eastern European version. I'm going to try this one this weekend.

lilyng said...


this is the healthy version

lilyng said...


this is the healthy version

WokandSpoon said...

This recipe (and the photo!) looks great. Can't wait to try it out.

Gail said...

i was wondering if this works on other type of cabbages? like napa cabbage or the taiwanese one too. =)

lilyng said...


the napa tastes delicious too but the taiwanese napa cabbage is so slim that i think you would have to line a few then roll them. these taiwanese ones are very sweet.

Anonymous said...


You are so creative. Do you by any chance lived in Kelana Jaya prior to moving to USA? You sounded like someone I know.

lilyng said...


it's me alright. i used to stay in ss5d/10 kelana jaya. you did not leave your name. please write to me

can't wait to know who you are

Anonymous said...

Hi, I happen to pop by your blog, is a nice blog. The cabbage rolls look good and would like to try it out myself. May I ask, what kind of cabbage is it? Is it the round and light green type?

Anonymous said...

I just happen to pop by your blog and it is a nice and neat one. The cabbage rolls look yummy and would like to try it myself. May I know what kind of cabbage did u use? Is it the small round one that's light green in colour? Or is it Wong Pak?

lilyng said...


i hope you are the same person asking which type of cabbage did i use.

i used the ordinary round cabbage but it will be just as delicious if you use wong nga pak - nappa cabbage

CLLaw said...
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Cherry Z, RD said...

Hi Lily! I was inspired to make my mum's style of cabbage roll after reading your post. Thanks & hope your're doing good! :)

doug said...


dont understand the steaming step..

are the rolls steamed and then returned to the broth?



lilyng said...


the cabbage rolls are arranged on a platter or deep dish, then just pour in the stock and put the platter on a steamer. steam until the filling in the rolls is cooked

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