Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Sweet Potato Balls

I had some sweet potatoes that i must have cooked for too long or the sweet potatoes do not have so much starch to hold itself after cooking. They were too mushy to my liking and i had to make something with it otherwise in the trash they go. If i am not eating them, no one will. The sweet mushy potatoes are perfect for this recipe.

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500g mashed sweet potatoes
200g glutinous rice flour
1 1/2 tbsp custard powder
3 1/2 tbsp castor sugar
1/2 cup sesame seeds
Enough Oil for deep frying


Combine mashed sweet potatoes, glutinous rice flour, custard powder and sugar with just enough water to form a smooth dough that is soft in texture but not sticky.(you might not need water if the mashed sweet potatoes is wet enough)

Divide dough into small, equal portions and roll into balls. Dip in water and coat with sesame seeds.

Deep-fry sweet potato balls till golden brown.

Dish out and drain well before serving



J Lim said...

Hi Lily, I would like to make them for a picnic. Can they be made a day ahead, stored in an airtight container and will it remain crispy? Thanks.

lilyng said...

j lim

these balls does not remain crispy like most fried foods which is best eaten when slightly warm.

what you can do it to refry before you leave for the picnic.

Anonymous said...

This is ST from London. I am thinking of making this. Is it okay to use a deep fryer to fry this or other food like Hum Cheem Paeng and pisang goreng? I thought it will be cleaner but I am not sure if it will use up a lot more oil. Does it do shallow frying too eg. for sweet and sour pork? I dont have a deep fryer now and I haven't used one before. Thank you.

lilyng said...


the electric deep fryer does have a minimum level for oil and it is usually quite alot depending on the size of the fryer. I own one but have given up on it as it is difficult to remove the oil and the fryer cannot be removed for cleaning. The wok does a better job but if i am having a party and need to deep fry alot, i will use it as it does not take up the stove.

as for the hum cheem paeng, it has to be deep fried with alot of oil and you need to turn the dough until it puffs.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily

Can I omit the custard powder or substitute it with something else? I want to try the recipe but can't find custard powder here. Thanks a lot! Love your blog.


lilyng said...


you can sub with cornstarch/tapioca starch.

lktan_sinee said...

Hi Lily,
How did you cook the sweet potatoes before you mashed them? Which type of sweet potatoes?
I tried them with red type boiled sweet potatoes, but when I mixed them with glutinous rice flour, they were very sticky.
Thank you.

lilyng said...


if you use the red type sweet potatoes which has not so much fiber, it is better to steam them. if boiled there is too much moisture and you might have to use more glutinous flour.

candy said...

i think this is the same as fan xu dan which i ate in malaysia. i got a recipe from my friend which just needs boiled sweet potatoes and cornstarch.

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