Thursday, December 07, 2006

Snowy Mountains

This cake was a craze in the 70's and it needed special plastic moulds for steaming. The moulds were not available in Malaysia then, i have to beg a singaporean friend to get me some. The name of this recipe is Apam Sri Ayu but Renee has named it Snowy Mountains. She told me to look out my bedroom window to look at the snowcapped mountain and that these cakes look like them. I have managed to buy these moulds when i was back in Malaysia and also found my old recipe book which has this recipe. This recipe calls for freshly grated coconut and i was able to grate coconut in great speed with the coconut grater shown below. A friend was in India and he came home with one for me, knowing that i will treasure it.

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Cake Batter

3 large eggs
1 egg yolk
½ cup coconut milk
½ tsp soda bicarbonate
¼ cup milk
A pinch of salt
2 cups cake flour
1 cup sugar
1/2 tsp ovallette
1/2 tsp pandan paste
green coloring


1 cup grated coconut
2 tbsp water/coconut milk
1/4 tsp salt
1 tsp tapioca/corn flour

Mix coconut and water/coconut milk and microwave on high for 30 seconds.

Add in salt and tapioca/corn flour and mix well.

Grease moulds lightly and press some coconut into the base of a mould. Use another mould to push the coconut into the mould and press hard on it.

Repeat process for the rest of the moulds


Whisk all the ingredients for cake batter until thick and fluffy.

Spoon mixture into prepared moulds and steam on very high heat for 8-10 mins.



Anonymous said...

My mum used to make that. Kind of missed it. Thanks for posting this.

Precious Moments said...

cool gadget!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,cakes look so beautiful.I would love to try this one.Can I make it in stainless steel bowls?I have small ones that hold about 1/2 cup to the rim,which I generally use to serve dessert.

Also,what is Ovalette?Can I just omit it if I cannot find it?Thanks a lot.

Penang's Wai Sek Por said...

Hi Lily your "snowy mountains" make me think of my old school mate, she made very soft and delicious sri ayu... with real pandan juice mmm..those were the days..
Thanks for sharing the recipes..your sri ayu look delicous, maybe someday I may have the honour to taste yours too..

Anonymous said...

i am impressed and a fan of yr website.. especially my wife! ;-)
though i dont hv much time to cook, i enjoyed reading yr blog..
are u really 61 yrs old? yr blog webpage design is very nice too! gives me a serene, cozy feel..
Thks! ;-)

swee said...

Hi lily,
do you have any recipes for vegetarian sponge / cake ?

kelvin yorke said...

Hello from down under in New Zealand. I was searching the blog world when your blog popped up. This is a very interesting recipe - worth entering in the coconut recipes. Have a look at (Dec.9th post)

If you want to have a look at my blogs the easiest way is a search on Google.
Key in - Krazy Kelvin
Click - I'm feeling lucky

Anonymous said...

Hello Lily,
I enjoy your wonderful postings and recipes. It's nice to know that there are Malaysians out there who are also far away from home and our wonderful food like I am.

I wanted to ask you where you obtain Ovalette from here in the US.

Foodie Queen in Dallas, Texas

lilyng said...

anonymous and foodie queen

a dear friend whom i have not met before sent me a huge box of ovalette from singapore. I could not have thank her enough for this kind gesture. Dear lena, thanks again

lilyng said...


i don't know how your comment went astray.

anyway, i am sorry, i do not have any vegetarian sponge cake recipe

Anonymous said...

Dear Lily,
If i dont have ovalette, what can i use ?

Kansas, USA

lilyng said...


you could use a plain sponge recipe

sunchen said...

Lily, i always get very good result from your recipe. however, i have tried this snowy mountain recipe twice, and both time it turned into a dense green mass. my cup is 250ml ( this is cooking cup with a set of 4) . please tell me if it should be 500ml for any recipe that say 1 cup . it suddenly hit me, as i was trying your kuih koh sui recipe, that i might have been using not enough water all this times, many thanks,

lilyng said...


the american cup is actually 240 ml.

this recipe calls for cake flour and the way you scroop the flour into the cup makes a difference -

sifted - 3.5 oz/100gm
lightly spooned - 4 oz/114 gm
dip and sweep - 4.5 oz/130gm

This is a sponge and therefore more flour will make the cake more densed.

if you have used plain flour/all purpose unbleached , dip and sweep can be 5.2 oz/142 gm

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