Friday, December 22, 2006

Breadfast Nasi Lemak

When we had this for breakfast, my daughter commented that she felt like she was in Malaysia. What made it so familiar with the breakfast nasi lemak of malaysia is the sambal. This sambal was straight from the bottle and it tasted like the 'macik's' , unlike my sambal which tends to be slightly sweet. This bottle of asian meals sambal tumis sauce was sponsored by http:/ Thank you, Ray, this is one sambal i would recommend to have in the pantry.

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Refer here . The best part is you do not have to cook the sambal.



Ray said...

Dear all Lily's fans

Just want to let everyone knows that we just restocked the Asian Meals -Sambal Tumis Sauce in our online store, click here to check it out

I apologize for the delay. This sambal tumis is one of our bestsellers, that's why people should grab it b4 it's gone! :)

Lily..thanks u for testing the sambal tumis for us! :)

chenboon said...

hello lily,
nice to know ur blog, is very interesting and informative.
I were searching for chili boh and I found here.
Merry Christmas n happy new year~
From Malaysia, Chen Boon

Anonymous said...

Hello from down under in New Zealand. I was searching the blog world whne your blog popped up. You have some really great recipes, worth sharing, so I have mentioned your blog @ #353 on my blog - 21 21 21 Great Blogs To Read.

The easiest way to find my blogs is a search on Google. Key in - krazy kelvin.
Click - I'm feeling lucky.

All the very best for the New Year.

tigerfish said...

Oh, is the sambal good?Hv just got mine, Glory brand, from Asian supermarket in California.

Anonymous said...

Looks yummy! Will try it soon. Happy Holidays! -v.

Anonymous said...

I"m in love with your blog! :-). And now very hungry. My younger son was born in Malaysia but we left before he could really enjoy Malaysian food. We tried making char siew pau today and the pau was a disaster. I wonder if I will have to use the special pau flour.

lilyng said...


I am sure you knew my problems and now it is fixed. i have just published 119 comments.

you are most welcome

take care

lilyng said...


I don't know about Glory brand but i can say that the one that i tasted is very good. you can get it online at

lilyng said...


you don't need to have special pau flour to make a good pau. The pau flour is bleached therefore making the pau whiter in appearance. I have mentioned before that i used cake flour which is too expensive for me, i now use bleached all purpose flour and take away a tablespoon and replace with a tablespoon of wheat starch for pau and cornflour if i am using it for cakes.

check out the char siew pau in this blog and you will see that i use a premix and it costs less than a dollar a pkt.

Wee said...

Hi Lily,

I checked the website "http:/" but couldn't find the sambal tumis belacan. I only saw a ChanHong Sambal Ikan bilis though, would that be as good?


lilyng said...


you are absolutely right. i checked with Ray and he quoted:

We no longer carry any sambal tumis products until we are able to source a good one. But we do have ChanHong Sambal Ikan Billis which is super good. Any Msians who tried it, I GUARANTEE they will like it! Sambal Tumis and Sambal Ikan bilis are 2 different things, so they won’t taste the same….”one orange”!

I suggest to try out the apple and orange and tell me how you like them

Wee said...

Hi Lily,

I guess so.. I will try it and let you know =) Hopefully it's good..

tazyspin said...

Hi Lily,

Do u happen to hv a recipw on fried chicken?? Those that requires very little flour type.

Also, do u hv the recipe for the chilly. I always feel that the rice and chilli are the most important for this dish. And I like to do dishes from scratch.


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