Tuesday, May 10, 2005

Chinese New Year Celebration

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The year 2005 started off very well for a rooster like me who has come full cirle 5 times around and to celebrate the new rooster year are friends enjoying the loh hei that i made.

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Since it was the year of the rooster, i find it very appropriate to cook dishes using the chicken. so besides the loh hei, i cooked hainanese chicken rice and there were white chicken and rotiserrie chicken for the benefit of the non asian guests. The chilly sauce which was home maded by me when i was home in malaysia last year ,was the winner for the hainanese chicken rice while the oyster sauce with sesame oil was not touched at all. Braised mushrooms was surprisingly popular. My recipes for the yee sang, hainanese chicken rice, white chicken, rotiserrie chicken, chilly sauce, oyster sauce and braised mushroom will be posted soon.

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J.C. said...

So glad to learn that you are also born in a year of the rooster. Me too. And I certainly enjoy cooking & love good food!

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