Friday, January 02, 2009

Paper-lined Cup Sponge Cake

To achieve a good sponge cake, the name of these sponge cake is self-explanatory, the cups used for baking, have to be lined with parchment/greaseproof paper. The cups have to be tall, so i used drinking/party paper-cups. I lined a few and used muffin paper cups for the rest of batter. Now the batter - i have made with any normal sponge cake recipe but it was rough and cakey. The cake has to be fine textured and soft - and to get this, cake emulsifier has to be used.

4 large eggs
3 ozs bleached all=purpose flour
1/2 oz cornflour
3 1/2 oz fine granulated sugar
1/2 tbsp ovalette(cake emulsifier)
30 ml milk
3 ozs butter - melted
Paper party cups
parchment/greaseproof paper - size 6 - 8 inch square - depending on size of cups


Line paper cups with parchment /greaseproof paper. DO NOT grease the papers. Please watch these videos on how to fold paper for lining the cups - Part 1 and Part 2

Preheat oven at 375f.
Put all the ingredients except the melted butter into a mixing bowl.
Whisk everything on high for at least 7 mins until ribbon stage. In other words: when you lift the whisk out of the bowl, the mixture should fall, leaving a "ribbon-like" trail on the surface of the mixture.
This will be the right constitency for your batter.
Add in melted butter and whisk thoroughly.
Pour batter into the lined cups about 3/4 full and bake it in a preheated oven for about 15 - 20 mins.
Remove the cake from the paper cup immediately and leave it on wire rack to cool.



Claire said...

Hi Lily,

Happy New Year...your paper-lined sponge cakes looks delicious...where can you get the cake emulsifier?

lilyng said...


get some from me when you come and visit me.

btw, what's up this sat?

We will be making pineapple tarts, come if you can. lunch will be prepared

Aunt LoLo said...

These look delicious! Are these cakes the same as the "Strawberry Cakes" from the bakeries in Hong Kong? (I always assumed they were called Strawberry Cakes because they LOOKED like strawberries...because they certainly didn't TASTE like strawberries!)

Anonymous said...

hi Lily
happy new year to you. I have try many times and eaten too many fail paper lined cakes.I can't find cake emulsifier here in the you know of a mail order site? thanks!

Tuty said...


That looks like the sponge cake at the Chinese bakery. I should try this since I happen to have the ovalette. Thanks for sharing the recipe. I've been looking for a sponge cake recipe to make cake rusk which I prefer than the biscotti to dunk in my morning tea.

I made some nastar last night using the pineapple jam from your recipe. I love the microwave method. Thank you again for being so resourceful.

lilyng said...

aunt lolo

i am sorry cannot help in this matter, did not have a chance to eat this cake when i was in hong kong

lilyng said...


i don't really know where you can get them online, perhaps you google and you might get some results

lilyng said...


the sponge cake rusk is easy, make the sponge cake, then cut into pieces and rebake like biscotti

Christelle said...

OMG!! exactly tyhe recipe I was looking for, what an angel you are!!

Happy New Year 2009!!

ch3rri said...

These look so delicious! I will try to make them. As for the cake emulsifier, I don't know where to get it in the US. I might have to do some hard research on this. Thanks for sharing.

lilyng said...


if your research pays off, would you mind letting me know as i am sure all of us in the united states would like to purchase it.

Aunt LoLo said...

This is what I was able to find. Lecithin is a soy-based emulsifier commonly found in commercial baked goods (cookies, cakes, breads, crackers, biscuits, etc.) This website has it for less than $3 - if anyone tries this in their cake, can you let the rest of us know how it turns out???

lilyng said...

aunt lolo

i hope that we will get a feedback from whoever have tried this product

TripleJin said...

Dear Lily,

This has been my fav thing to eat since childhood. I was hoping to make it since I hate buying it (too ex)..and with your recipe, i'll try it. Thanks so much.

Ur recipe blog has been a real life saver to me. Thank you thank you thank you.

Anonymous said...

Hello, not to be mean or nasty but just out of curiousity, why do you not see a need to credit your source? I've seen some of your recipes and they are usually exactly the same as some other bloggers' posts (theirs of earlier date). Maybe some with a slight modification but even with exact same ones, you rarely ever credit them. Don't you think it's nice to give them some recognition if their recipe works for you and you're sharing it?

Anyhow I still thank you for sharing. Cheers.

lilyng said...


hello, i know you do not mean to be nasty but your curiousity has been a disappointment to me. Have you ever thought that some of my recipes were given to me or that i have collected them from good old days before even computers are invented. If all the recipes shared in the net should be creditted, how far back should the credit go - i would have to dig my grandmother up from the dead to ask who i should the credit that particular recipe. I am sure everyone who loves to cook or bake, is very grateful for all the recipes that are shared.

Anyway, i do not need any thank you for sharing.

Connie said...

This looks FANTASTIC! I had bought popover pans a year ago with the intention of making paperlined cupcakes but wasn't able to find a good recipe. I can now finally put them to good use. Thank you.

I stumbled upon you website today and and was immediately hooked. You would happen to know how to make rice crispy treats, chinese style, would you? you know, the ones that are really crispy and are often eaten around Chinese New Year?

lilyng said...


the chinese rice crispy is alot of work, try this recipe and you might like it

Aunt LoLo said...

@ Connie & lilyng - Connie, are you talking about Sachima? I always thought they looked like Chinese rice krispie treats...

If that's what you ARE looking for, Lily has a recipe here:

If you're looking for the really crispy little treats...then Lily is absolutely right, and I don't know how to make them. :-)

Have a great weekend, both of you!

lee said...

hello lily,

This sponge cake looks soft and nice, can i use this recipe to make the sponge cake for birthday cake?

lilyng said...


sure and you can also try the sponge cake recipe i posted 2 days ago

lee said...

hello lily,
it's me again, lee. Could you explain what is ""bleached"" all purpose flour? and umm....why is the preparing method differ from how we prepare chiffon cake? Don't we need to whisk the egg white until fluffy first? cause i saw other recipe in other blog do it this way. What's the difference actually?

lilyng said...


bleached is like what the word meant, the flour has been bleached and so it is whiter than unbleached. In the process of bleaching, some of the gluten is lost, therefore it is better for cakes and you can adjust it to be cake flour by removing 1 tbsp and replacing it with cornstarch/wheat starch.

you can also make this cake with the chiffon method. This method has cake emulsifier which can hold the batter in a very stiff form.

Laura said...

OMG!!! I've been looking for this recipe for so long. I even found a post where an out-of-print book was recommended.

I haven't actually read the whole recipe. I was that excited. Here's hoping that I can find all the ingredients.

Thanks si very much. I'll let you know if they turn out.

Doreen said...

I tried making this last night and for some reason, it turned out pretty hard....could it be because it was in the oven for more than 20 mins? I had to leave it in the oven longer as it didn't look cooked at the 20 min mark.


lilyng said...


yes, it could be overbaked or you did not whisk the batter until ribbon stage

Doreen said...

Thanks....i'll try baking it again. Will keep you posted.

With the ovalette, did you use an orangy colored paste?

lilyng said...


yes, my ovalette is the orangy colored paste

MICHELLE said...

I love your sponge cake, it's looks just like the one i normally bought in chinatown. I made many attempts ... and failed to duplicate or made anything similiar. Do you know where i can get the cake emulsifier, perhaps an on-line site? Also, the ozs called for in the recipe ... would you happen to know it's measurement in cups?

Thank you

lizziebeh said...

Hi Lily,

I just made these and they taste great. But I have a few questions.. first.. it took me just 3 mins to hit the ribbon like stage.. but I went ahead to beat until 7 mins as per your recipe.. did I put too much Ovalette. And the cake rose so well but sank so much when I took it out to cool. Is that normal? Other than that.. this is a great and easy recipe. Thanks a zillion.


Drama said...

Hi All,

Like you guys I was searching for ovalette for a while. I found this website in the U.S. They will ship to anyone in the U.S. I hope this helps.


lilyng said...



Drama said...

Hi Lily,

I really enjoy your blog. There are tons of recipe to try out. I wish I have a big family to enjoy all the wonderful and delicious recipes.


Yuliana said...

Hi Lily,

Just wondering if we should put baking powder or not, I tried with baking powder and it turned out great, the cake itself is very fluffy.. what's the purpose of baking powder anyway in the cake?

Oh this is for Ch3rri - I don't know in United States, but here in Australia we can get ovalette in most of Asian Grocery store, would be better if it is Indonesian Grocery store... hope this help :)

Thank You,


lilyng said...


baking powder is a leavener and it will give the sponge a better rise. in this recipe if the eggs and sugar are whipped well, it will be stable enough to lighten the sponge

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

Love your site! I'm also in Denver and love your baking tips/recipes.

When your recipes ask for cornflour, that is the same as corn starch right? It looks like it's corn starch but...

I have both corn starch AND corn flour (the kind to make American/Southern style corn bread) and want to make sure I'm using the correct product.

Thank you!!

lilyng said...


i am in aurora actually and i hope you are nearby.

please keep in touch through my email

cornflour = cornstarch

in asia it is called cornflour and here in the states, cornstarch.

Anonymous said...


How many servings can this recipe make? Can I substitute cream of tartar for the emulsifier?


lilyng said...


i did not take count cos sometimes i will use smaller paper cups and sometimes bigger ones.

you cannot sub with cream of tartar, it is totally different. emulsifier will stabilize the fat especially egg yolk in the batter. cream of tartar is used to stabilize egg whites

Anonymous said...


lilyng said...


i don't where you can cake emulsifier in california, perhaps california readers can help.

you can get it online from

College Term Papers said...

Thanks for posting this, was exactly what I was looking for, thanks.

Jen said...

hi, your paper sponge cake looks soft & nice!I like to try out. Can you share how should i fold the paper to fit the cup before i pour the batter in. TIA!

lilyng said...


i just cut a square piece of greaseproof paper, fold the paper into quarters - the sides of the paper should be at least 1 1/2 inch bigger than the sides of the cups. Center the center of the paper into the cup and using another papercup, push the paper in.

i have seen a video on how a dim sum chef lined the cup and as soon as i can locate the video will post the link.

Jen said...

Look forward for the link. Many thanks for your sharing!

lilyng said...


as promised, the links are in my recipe, please do have a look

Jenny Dinh said...

Hi LiLy,

I'm very surprised to see sponge cake make by "whole-egg" , "beat everthing" method turned out so nice texture, soft, fine and moist, which is almost same as chiffon texture. I always have a very dry sponge cake if i beat whole egg. Your method even beat flour together with egg . Is the cake emulsifier key ingredient to make all this happened? I never use emulsifier before, but tempted to try with some lecithin powder. Do i need to fold the flour in or just beat them in one bowl? Can i use the normal round tin for this recipe? and how big should the tin is for this 4 egg? how do i prevent my cake to sink after taking out of oven?
I bought the same paper cup cake in a chinese shop and the look is exactly like yours, i love it as it's very soft.

lilyng said...

jenny dinh

this method of whisking all the ingredients together except the melted butter is good as the cake emulsifier aids and holds the batter fluffy and does not deflate when melted butter is added. I don't know if lecithin works.

A 9 inch round cake tin will do, please line cake tin with greaseproof paper which will be higher than the tin at the sides and do not grease. Check for doneness as the 9 inch cake will take at least 35 minutes to be fully cooked. uncooked cake will definitely sink.

btw, i use party paper cups for this recipe.

Jenny Dinh said...

Hi Lily,

thanks for your reply. After a whole afternoon searching for Ovalette, i finally found it at a Indonesia store. There are 2 type, same company, package etc : Ovalette (contain Ovalette standard - brigh yellow gel) and T.B.M (contain Ovalette special - orange gel). i dont know what's the difference. So i used the yellow paste. During baking, the "skin" of the cake rise so high. When the cake is done, i can easily peel off that skin ( a thin layer). I'm not sure if that's because the batter a bit heavy so it can be lifted up? The cake texture is pretty much same as chiffon texture which i really like.
Can i ask you if i make cake follow chiffon method, when/where should i put the ovalette in? The yolk mixture or the white? Thank you.

lilyng said...


if you are using the chiffon method, you don't have to add the ovalette

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lilyng said...


if ovalette is not available, try making this cake using the chiffon cake method.

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