Monday, January 12, 2009

Happiness Cake

I think PO PO's Happiness Cake must be delicious
I am thinking too
Oh, yes, must be Yummy
Renee says 'Thumb Up'

Ashley agrees

I know, i ate it all

When I found this recipe from Chef2Chef, i had to post this special recipe. It is one of the finest cakes I have ever made. I hope this recipe will be shared by many generations to come. These three are the TOPPING.


1 cup good thoughts
1 cup kind deeds
1 cup well-beaten faults
1 cup consideration for others
2 cups sacrifice
3 plus cups forgiveness


Preheat oven to 98.6 degrees F.
Mix thoroughly
Add:Tears of joy, sorrow and sympathy
Flavor with love and kindly service
Fold in 4 cups prayer and faith
Blend well
Fold into daily life
Bake well with the warmth of human kindness and serve with a smile any time
It will satisfy the hunger of starved souls.



Mary Bergfeld said...

Those smiles have my day off to a great start. It's not often we get a recipe that gives us something to think about. They are beautiful children, Lily.

Unknown said...


you are early riser too, oops, i forgot, you must be in the east coast.

I love those smiles i get the first thing i see when i go to your blog. Hugs and Kisses to all three.

Anonymous said...

Your grandchildren are beyond adorable! You are truly blessed!!!

quizzine said...

Hi Lily,
I love this recipe! Definitely a keeper ;-)

Anonymous said...

The BEST cake recipe that there is....everyone should try! Keep up the good work on your blog Lily!

Kristy said...

Very cute. Full of happiness. I love your recipe!

princesstiffie said...

That's so sweet Aunty Lily!!
U're grandkids are very lucky to have u!
i know this might be cliche but i love your website heaps! i visit it everyday! hahahha :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

I have a question, myTasteOfAsia has been closed down. I was wondering where can i get some Malaysian stuff that i need, are there any other websites u can recommend?

Thank You

Everything4sweets said...

Thank you for the recipe... :)

Bits said...

These is great.... love it.... one of the most incredible recipe I have ever seen. Tks!

Unknown said...


you could try this site

i have not ordered anything from here yet but you can give it a try.

Big Boys Oven said...

This is an awesome recipe! I love to have them, a better to happiness in life! :)

Tebonin said...

Oh my god your kids are really cute...and stylish as well. Lol

Unknown said...


they are really cute and adorable, i can't ask for more, these grandchildren are stylish too.

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