Thursday, October 23, 2008

Sambal Shrimp with Petai

You should see the grin on my face when i saw frozen petai in the asian store as i have not eaten this for quite awhile and i like it.
Petai beans or seeds look like broad beans.
Petai has earned its nickname 'stink bean' because its strong smell is very pervasive. It lingers in the mouth and body, like asparagus, it contains certain amino acid that give a strong smell to ones urine, an effect that can be noticed up to two days after consumption. And like other beans, their complex carborhydrates can also cause strong-smelling flatulence. Surprisingly, the frozen ones are not so potent and the texture is still crunchy.


1/2 lb shrimps - deveined.
1 pkt of frozen petai
1 pkt of Delima's Assam Seafood Paste - available online from
2 tbsp oil

Heat oil and add the pkt of Delima's Assam Seafood Paste and saute until fragrant.
Add shrimp and cook until shrimps are 3/4 cooked.
Add petai and finish cooking until the shrimps are totally cooked and the petai are heated through.
Adjust to your taste by adding salt, sugar or assam juice.
Serve hot with white rice


1 comment:

bluebabe said...

Petai! I love sambal petai. Time to check out the (sole) Asian store here.

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