Sunday, August 20, 2006

Kuih Bengka Beras

This kuih is called 'Fei Chee Yau Koh' in cantonese and translated is 'lard' as the appearance resembles it. This kuih should be bouncy and flexible when a piece is held, therefore to achieve this, this kuih should be baked in 8 inch cake tin with a height of 2 1/2 inch. Slice thinly for serving.

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100g green bean flour blend with 200 ml water and soak for 30 minutes

2 x 400ml cans of coconut milk mixed with enough water to obtain 1050ml

1/4 tsp salt

150g rice flour

1 tbsp cornflour/tapioca flour

For the syrup

325g castor sugar

300ml water

3–4 pandan leaves,

For Glazing

2 tbsp of thick coconut cream


To prepare the syrup

In a pot, combine sugar, water and pandan leaves . Bring to a boil to dissolve the sugar and cool the syrup then discard the pandan leaves.

Put sifted flour into a large mixing bowl. Stir in coconut milk into soaked green bean flour mixture and sifted rice flour. Add the cooled syrup and salt and mix into a batter.

Strain batter into a large microwable bowl and cook on high 1 minute at a time until it thickens and bubbles. Stir with a whisk after every minute.

Pour cooked custard into a 8 inch square tin lined with softened banana leaf.

Spread and smooth the surface with a spatula.

Bake in preheated oven at 400 f for 30 minutes until the topping is lightly brown.

Glaze with coconut cream and broil/grill until top is brown.

Cool thoroughly before cutting



Anonymous said...

Hi Lily....You have an impressive website that i cant get my eyes of it. I have been reading your recipes, it's so interesting.

Back to this Kuih. THe green pea flour you are using is it the one from Indonesia ?? Can it be substitute with tapioca flour ??

Many thanks...

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily.... the green pea flour you use is the one from Indonesia ?? can it be substitute with tapioca flour ??

Cant wait to try this recipe.

Many thanks....

Unknown said...


green pea flour is more stable than tapioca flour. perhaps you could but the texture will not be the same.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily
so glad I found your blog. Have been searching for this 'fatty cake' for a long time.
Is there another way of cooking the batter instead of microwave?

great recipes.


Unknown said...


just cook it on the stove top

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