Sunday, August 27, 2006

Empress Roll

I had to rename these rolls as i made them for all the empresses who attended the asian ladies high tea. It was out of the theme as The Host Empress, Sumi had prepared a complete menu for an English high tea with jams and clotted cream to go with the scones, several platters of sandwiches and 5 pots of different types of tea to choose from. The table was set with Royal Dolton fitted for the Queen of England. Thank you Your Highness, Sumi for being such a gracious host.

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150 gm cake flour - steam for 30 minutes, cool then sieve
150 gm koh fun
300 gm powdered sugar
8 - 10 tbsp water
4 tbsp wheat starch(tung mein fun), mix with 4 tbsp very hot boiling water
2 tbsp oil/shortening
1/4 tsp banana essence or essence of your choice
400 gm of red bean paste


Mix all the above except the red bean paste and knead to a smooth dough. Leave to rest.

Divide dough and red bean paste into 4 portions.

Using plastic wrap, roll one portion of the red bean paste out to 1/8 inch thick rectangle and roll dough to the same size and thickness as the red bean paste.

Top the red bean paste rectangle with the dough rectangle and roll up both ends to meet.

Chill before slicing.



diddy said...

looks pretty! What's the texture like? Is it sticky or more cake like?

Anonymous said...

Nice Roll you have there lily!
Was wondering what is koh fun?
Will try out soon!


Unknown said...


koh fun is cooked fried glutinous rice. you should be able to get from the oriental store.

if you could not find it, look at green tea mooncake and in this recipe i prepared the koh fun from scratch

sandrine said...

Is cake flour same as all purpose flour?

If not where can I get it?


Unknown said...


if you are in the US, you can get cake flour at target or walmart

Anonymous said...

hi Lily,
Is this like the cantonese style banana rolls? I am looking foe a recipe for it.for some reason I have a dream about it and wanted to make it so much. made your taro puff yesterday with a scale to measure. it came out perfect.very tasty.thanks!!

Unknown said...


since banana rolls are made with glutinous rice flour and so is this. it must be quite similar

Anonymous said...

When you say to steam the cake flour, do you mean dry? Does it stay powdery after steaming?

Unknown said...


yes, steam the cake flour in their dry form/ it will not be wet if the condensation does not affect it. Sieve it when it is cooled

Elizabeth said...

Hi Lily,

I was wondering, how much paste should i use to shape 1 mini mooncake?


Anonymous said...

Hi Lily's when u say steam the cake flour, do u mean steam it with covered or just uncover,n how long should I steam it ?

Unknown said...


when steaming is concerned, it has to be covered so as to catch the steam. Steam covered for 30 minutes

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