Monday, June 18, 2012

How to tie 'chung'chang'zong zi'

 Before  we can start our attempt to make  'chung/chang/zong zi', we must learn how to tie it tightly.  There are many ways to do it,  as long as the chung/chang/zong zi' is tied properly and does not get unwrapped while boiling, then you have achieved success in tying.  Whatever shape you desire is preference and i prefer the triangle shape and i would like to show you how to tie with a strand of string.  What?  Isn't it is tied with a strand of string  as usual!!!!

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MyFudo™ said...

Zong zi is such a delicious treat...It has this real exotic taste that I really love. I am excited to try learning how to tie it and perhaps I can start my own version of this delicious Asian treat.

Willi+Isabel said...

i used to live in hong kong and you're posting so many fantastic dishes that are somehow connected to the cantonese/chinese kitchen! thank you :)

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