Monday, September 19, 2011


Samosa, the delightful tasty little savory patty is a great gift to the world. from India. Samosa is so delicious and addictive that it cannot be mentioned in singular, Samosa, it has to be plural - Samosas, cos when served, - 'satu makan dua mahu" - in Malay, translated - 'you eat one and you will ask for seconds'.

Click HERE for recipe and continue reading.


Elin said...

Lily...that looks good..I have to try making this one day soon. You whet my appetite and craving for this by your beautiful photos of them :)

Have a nice day,

Brown Cookie Blog said...

Yum yum!!! It is much healthier to fry you own fried treats. These look soooo good.


Brown Cookie Blog said...

Yum yum!! These look so good. It is much healthier to fry your own fried treats! -Julie :)

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