Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Pong Siak Ku

It was on this day, the eight day of the Chinese New Year that my family had to gather at Granpa and Grandma's home where the Celebration of the Hokkien New Year will be. It was celebrated with more grandeur compared to the 1st day, this was because our Hokkiens ancestors were in hiding in the sugarcane plantation from the bandits and only had the chance to celebrate the New Year on the 9th day. The good had triumphed over evil and the belief was and still is, that the Jade Emperor (Thee kong – translated as “king of the heavens”) protected our Hokkien ancestors from being caught, which is why we offer thanksgiving prayers to him..

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Angie's Recipes said...

I remember my mom has to do this every year with different kinds of traditional food, snack, fruit and flowers....

Reese Darragh said...

Dear Aunt Lily,

DO you have an email address that I can send you an email to?


lilyng said...


my email address is

Abby said...

Hi Lily,
The 9th day of cny is in fact Jade Emperor's birthday. And hokkiens get themself prepared on the eve, i.e' the 8th day, so that when it reaches 12am we officially celebrates the birthday of Thee Kong.
And from what I know, the story of hokkiens ancestors were hiding in sugarcane only happens for malaysian hokkien and only malaysian hokkiens use the sugarcane during the ceremony.

Anonymous said...

I have heard a version of Cantonese versus Hokkiens; thats why only the Hokkiens celebrate this day. I'm from Penang and I remember the altar being elevated on top of red benches.

Thanks for the memories

EW said...

This is my website, may all friends save more and more happier. :)

I think I have the same last name with Lily too. But her is in old pronunciation.


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