Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mee Rebus

Mee Rebus which is of Indian origin and a spin off from Indian Rojak. It does not need any introduction to Malaysians or Singaporeans who are not Indian. Ask them about Mee Rebus or Indian Rojak and you get a smile in their faces and a thumb-up - sedap, hojiak and yummy.

Recipe for Mee Rebus is HERE


Yvonne Hinesley said...

I have been craving Mee Rebus - looks so delicious. Thanks for posting! Last weeks's cooking class was outstanding, it was my favorite. Thanks Lily!

Brown Cookie Blog said...

yummy! I am going to have to try making this next week.


liza said...

i've come by this page many times before but yet to leave a comment. I'm just truly shock that you wrote mee rebus is of indian origin. It is not. This blog is read by many so please do your research before you label a food as being of indian or nyonya origin.

lilyng said...


i wished you could have helped and left the correct origin to this mee. Since the day i ate this mee, it was sold by the Indians and is still being sold now by the Indians.

Sorry to have mad you so mad and shocked.

Peng said...

Hi Lily,
You are right, I totally thought that this dish was of Indian origin because of my own experience growing up in Malaysia.
Once again, thank you so much for sharing your recipes with us. Your blog has been and inspiration and you have made cooking the food of our homeland a possibility.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,
Mee Rebus is also known as Mee Jawa which is a Javanese dish.
I grow up in Ipoh, and if you go to an Indian stall, they serve MEE REBUS, but if you go to a Chinese stall, they serve MEE JAWA, which is the same dish.
When my dad goes to a Indian stall, he orders MEE REBUS, but when he goes to a chinese stall, he orders MEE JAWA.
I hope this help to clarify futher where the origin of this dish is from.

Anonymous said...

"I'm just truly shock that you wrote mee rebus is of indian origin. It is not."

So WHAT is it then?!

Do YOU know?

Can you please enlighten us mere mortals, oh goddess of know-better?

"This blog is read by many..."

...precisely! So don't just rant without any substantial contribution of your own, dear Lady Liza.

" please do your research before you label a food as being of indian or nyonya origin."

Since you seem to know better, it would be nice if you shared your own research with the rest of the world.

We senior citizens never stop learning and please, be polite to us Bloggers.

- Don

Pete said...

I missed Penang mee rebus but sometime I go to Tesco Kg Pandan in KL to get my fix from Mee Rebus and Nasi Kandar Kepala Batas. LOL!

Johor Kaki said...

Thank you Lily for the recipe. Mee rebus is one of my comfort foods from my growing up years in old Singapore. I have not been able to find that old aroma and fragrance anywhere in Singapore or Johor so far :( Shall try your recipe and hope to relive those blissful childhood memories ;D I must say your mee rebus looks very elaborate compared to the humble gravy, mee and taugeh only kind from yesteryears ;P We have progressed! This is my take on mee rebus in Johor Bahru nowadays

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