Saturday, April 03, 2010

Hum Cheem Paeng With Red Bean Filling

I have not make this snack for a long time and when my dear friend, Nellie, wanted to make some, i had to pull up  the Hum Cheem Paeng II recipe to refresh my memory of how the recipe goes, it has been awhile ago and i did not remember that vinegar was used for the starter instead of yeast.  It was a lengthy process - 2 days but it was worth it. It must be the presence of vinegar which made the starter more acidic and  made the baking soda very happy and that made me happy too, a good puffy cake. The red bean paste filling is a perfect match for this cake, it was so good that they were hijacked - I wanted one for breakfast but found the whole bag was missing.  I made some "kap chung"  with the same dough and will post the method soon.


1 Hum Cheem Paeng II recipe

1 Red Bean Paste recipe Sesame seeds
Oil for deep frying


Make the dough folowing Hum Cheem Paeng II and when dough is ready for adding the salt and 5 spice, just sprinkle these two into the dough, then divide into portions of your choice.

Roll portions out into a circle and put a tsp of red bean paste in the center and wrap dough up sealing the edges well.  Leave aside.

Repeat until all the portions are done.

Heat oil for deep-frying until 325f.

Roll out the first filled portion thinly and finish rolling the rest of the portions.

Wet the center of portions with a little water and press in some sesame seeds

Lower 2 - 3 pieces(do not crowd the pan) into oil and as soon as the dough rises up to the top, flip it over.  Try and flip as often as possible, this will enhance the puffiness.  Fry until golden brown.

Remove and drain on rack and then on kitchen towel.



Cami said...

Happy Eastern from Hamburg

MaryMoh said...

It's a long time that I have not eaten these. Looks really delicious but challenging to make. I wish I can just buy them here! Best is to be your neighbour, Lily :P

Tuty @Scentofspice said...

In the Caribbean, there is something similar to these deep fried dough except that there is no yeast in the dough. They're called Bakes.

Delicious for breakfast with some stir fried salt fish or deep fried shark steaks.

I need to try your recipe for a change of pace.

lilyng said...


how i wish you can be my neighbor, then the both of us can cook up a storm everyday

Ah Yng said...

Hi Lily, very nice blog you got here, hopefully I can learn alot from you. Love your 咸煎饼 photo! I miss all the pasar pagi/malam snacks.

Happy Easter from San Francisco. :)

Tummywise said...

Hi Lily, I was wondering if you could share your recipe for the Hum Cheem Paeng with the glutinous rice in the middle. That's my favourite!

By the way, I make egg tarts according to your recipe very often. I've not come across a better one. Thanks for that recipe.

Sonia (Nasi Lemak Lover) said...

I can easily buy this in pasar pagi, but your look exactly like those sell in pasar, well done.

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Wow! This is like my absolute favorite. :) Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe!

Family Lawyers Gold Coast said...

Oh my god this is so asian. Let me remember my mum's cook. Love it a lot.

Alison said...


I have been a fan of your food blog for a while now. I'm just starting out with my own (since January) and I plan to make references to your website soon (starting with your roast pork belly recipe because that is how my grandma used to do it). I would love it and I would Really appreciate it if you would consider adding my website to your blogroll :) I am planning on adding a blogroll to my website soon.

No pressure and thanks for considering.

Alison (Cooking with Ali)

lilyng said...


sure, please link me

ICook4Fun said...

Hi Lily, can I check with you if I need to leave the starter on the counter or in the fridge for 2 days? I am planning to make this with a few Malaysian ladies next week. Thanks.

lilyng said...


leave on the counter for 2 days

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