Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Kok Chai/Mini Peanut Puffs

These are must-have for the Chinese New Year and they are so good, it is worth the time spend in making these tiny mini puffs.



300 gm. all purpose flour
70 gm. rice flour
120 gm. margarine or butter or lard
90 - 100 ml. cold water
1 large egg

225 gm. roasted peanuts - skinned and chopped fine
3 Tbsp. roasted sesame seeds - crushed
120 gm. fine granulated sugar
50 ml. oil (preferably peanut oil)

Oil for deep-frying

For pastry:
Using the food processor, pulse magarine , flour and rice flour till it becomes breadcrumbs like.
Add water , beaten egg and pulse into a pliable dough.
Rest for 15 mins.
For filling:
Mix all the ingredients together.
To make the puffs:
Use the pasta machine to roll pastry into a thin sheet and cut into 1 3/4 - 2 inches rounds.
Put in 1/2 tsp of filling into the center of cut pastry and wrap up filling . Pinch edges neatly.
Heat up oil for deep-frying peanut puffs and fry till golden brown using medium heat.
Remove and drain onto kitchen towel.
Let it cool before storing into containers.



Anonymous said...

hi lily,
that was really live in Denver right. how come you don't post your recipe in us measurement :( ? this is the next recipe i was going to try next . it's like a pie dough. my other ones didn't stay crunchy after 1 day.the pleating is really hard coz i like lots of stuffing :D

baking said...

hi, do you happens to have a recepi for prawns cracker that serve with penang rojak?

lilyng said...


for your sake, i stayed up late in the night to post this.

do not roll too thin, as the pastry will stretch when you crimp the edges. i had some in quite thin pastry and it burst during frying

remember to fry in medium fire

lilyng said...


i too am looking for the cracker recipe and no one responded to my request.

Anonymous said...

Look very inviting. Thanks for sharing your recipe. Why you use rice flour in your dough? What does it do as opposed to all purpose flour? First time, seen rice flour on this. We call them empanada.

lilyng said...


rice flour added give a better crunch than 100% all purpose flour

lilyng said...


rice flour added give a better crunch than 100% all purpose flour

Little Corner of Mine said...

Wah Lily, started your baking marathon already? I still haven't started, but heating up.... Still procrastinating but I know next week die die must start.

lilyng said...


finally managed to take my butt off the couch and started with these kok chai, hoping to get the rhythm going.

Anonymous said...

will try your kok chai receipe. hope to do it tomorrow with some Chinese friends. Going to make kuih tart tomorrow.

jadepearl said...

Wah, beautifully done!
Kong Hei Fatt Choy to you and your family!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the recipe.
Rather than deep-frying, can I bake them?

lilyng said...


you can bake if you wish but the crunch is not there

SeaDragon said...

Didn't realize you have the recipe here already, or I could have use it to compare before making.
Thanks, will try yours out maybe for next year :)

Jeffrey said...

Hello Lily,

Just to say thanks for providing all these really lovely recipes that are so easy to follow. My husband is from Malaysia and has been looking for these recipes for a long time without luck ! We're having lots of fun eating and cooking from your website so thanks so much !
Wongs in London.

Faye said...

Hi Auntie Lily,

You could also make the pastry without eggs.
My mum have 2 varieties for the pastry.
With eggs will make the pastry crunchy and without eggs, it will be soft crunch!

Also, i'm not sure if you could get this @ the Asian store in US, we use the mini curry puff mould.

Hope this helps! And thank you so much for your never ending homemade recipes!

Next CNY will be 14 Feb 2010! Its gonna be one romantic CNY. :)


Lily said...

I just tried your Kok Chai receipe and it was was nice, can I add in more rice flour to get it crunchier, my daughter says she likes it tat way. Tks.

Michelle Wong said...

Hi Aunt Lily,

You can give it a try tho. I guess its something like a personal preference.

Gong Hei Fatt Choi!!!

Have a prosperous year ahead!

Anonymous said...

hi lily instead of rice flour, wd tapioca dlour do?

lilyng said...


i think tapioca starch should be ok, it will lower the gluten/protien in the flour and make the pastry less tough. The important tip is to roll the dough very thinly.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

Happy New Year!

Adding rice flour in your kok chai recipe is such a great idea. Is the rice flour the glutinous rice flour,or the same kind of long grain rice flour that we use for turnip cake?

Thank you very much.

lily ng said...


when a recipe calls for rice flour it is usually plain rice flour, yes the same like you make turnip cake with.

Anonymous said...

Lily..can i use self rising flour instead .?

lily ng said...


self rising flour has baking powder and salt added and it might change the texture of the dough. Keep the self rising flour for your cakes and use all purpose flour which is so much cheaper

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily, love the taste great. Jus wonder if i could use cashew nuts for the filling..?

lily ng said...


yes, any type of nuts will do but traditional peanuts are used, it is easily available and so much cheaper

jo said...

Lily, Thanks for all wonderful tips for the kok chai..think i will try almond filling this time. Merry Christmas to you.

Alice Quek said...

hi, lily yesterday i try ur recipe but my in-law said not crunchy is soft, 1st time i am trying to do the mini curry puff. i am using hand to make a dough not food processor. may i know what thing go wrong? pls help. thank you.

lily ng said...

alice quek

try and fry the puffs a little longer or put the fried puffs in a preheat 180c/350f oven to crisp them more and also it will rid of some of the oil.

Alice Quek said...

lily, u mean now i still can put in my oven? before put the puff i have to preheat n bake 180c my oven for how long? thks

Alice Quek said...

lily, is work. suddenly i come a life. tis morning my in law taste said soft n not nice now she said good. thank you very much. i can do it again for tis Cny. thank you n kong xi fatt choy n happy new year.

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