Sunday, January 13, 2008

Golden Flower Buns

Frying transforms Steamed Flower Buns into a totally new dish; the crisp, golden crust contrasts nicely with the flufy lightness of the steamed interior. I was told by my friend, Agnes, that these fried buns are very popular in Singapore and they are served with Chilli Crabs. In her recent party, she made Chilly Crabs and i told her that i will make the Golden Flower buns and they turned out so good that guests just ate them straight.


2 cups peanut/cooking oil


Heat oil, add the oil, and heat the oil to 350 f.

Add 2 or 3 of the buns, depending on the size of the wok, and deep fry, turning constantly, until the loaves are golden brown.

Remove and let drain on a cake rack placed on a kitchen-towel-lined baking sheet.

Deep fry the remaining buns in the same manner.

Serve immediately



beachlover said...

hmmmm...loook so good especially the golden brown color..Can I bake it instead of fried??Thank you:)

Happy cook said...

The look so beautiful

lilyng said...

i don't know about baking instead of frying. The time to brown these buns in the oven will take too long and dry them out whereelse frying just take about 1 minute

Cheryl said...

Hi Lily,
Do you steam the buns before deep frying them or deep fry them after proofing?

whre4arthou said...

Hie Lily,

Thanks for the wonderful recipe.

A question though, do I fry the buns straight after steaming or should they be cooled before frying?

Thanks again.

lilyng said...


the flower buns are all steamed ,ready to be eaten and then you fry them.

aub & syl said...

hi, it's my 2nd time to your blog. it looks delicious! i was wondering if u made any mini shrimp rolls before? the fried type for Chinese new year :)

lilyng said...

aub & syl

i did make these rolls before i started this blog. i will have to make some so that i can have the picture for the blog

lilyng said...


let the buns cool before frying, they will be easier to handle

Sorina said...

Those look and sound wonderful!

QQ red apple said...

hi lily,
mmmm, these buns look delicious ... but is it very oily ? or just nice to eat? i think it might be very fragnant, aren't they? regards.

lilyng said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
lilyng said...

qq red apple

if you follow the rule of deep frying, the buns will not be soggy at all.

yes, they are delicious, crispy on the outside and soft inside

Anonymous said...

So beautiful and tempting. I have eaten these with Smoked Duck and sauce in a restaurant Johor Baru.

East Meets West Kitchen said...

I just had them in S.E. Asia, and now I get to make them thanks to your recipe. Hehe! Thanks!

Merakemas said...

Woooo... wonderful blog! I want to ask promission to link this beautiful blog on mine. Please be free to view!

lilyng said...

east meet west kitchen

we can now have mee rebus

lilyng said...


no permission needed. go ahead

Anonymous said...

Lily, these are so good with fish or seafood curry! Thanks for sharing this.

- Ling

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