Friday, September 14, 2007

Prawn Noodle Delimas

This summer has been so busy with friends dropping by and i was in delimma as to what to dish out. Luckily, Ray of came to the rescue with several DELIMAS products for me to review and prawn noodle was one of them. I love to make prawn noodles from scratch but this premixed made my day - i only had to make the hokkien noodles and viola - a delicious meal was served.

A packet of Delimas prawn noodle
Hokkien Noodles
Cooked Prawns
Cooked Pork
Blanched Kangkong
Blanched Beansprouts
Fried shallots

Follow the instructions on the back of the packet of Delimas Prawn Noodle to make the soup.



connie said...

Dear lily,

May i know where did u bought this instant prawn noodle? can i get it in malaysia or singapore, it looks mummy............

lilyng said...


i supposed so but perhaps you will have to look for Tean's Gourmet. in the united states it is sold as Delimas and is available online at

Little Corner of Mine said...

Yummy! I strongly recommended this Delimas prawn mee too!

Hehe, I recognize your homemade hokkein mee too.

Anonymous said...

Dear lily,
do you know what is buttermilk??
where can i get or buy it?
Thank in advance

lilyng said...


here is the link to what is buttermilk

i suppose you must be in asia cos here in the states, buttermilk is readily available in the supermarket,

you could add a tsp vinegar/lime juice to a cup of milk and let it sit for awhile before using

Anonymous said...

I found your site through the search engine and read through your site. Unfortunately it looks like a shameless promotion or marketing engine for mytasteofasia. At least you got some free food but I much prefer your own recipes.

lilyng said...


in life we will be happier if we can help in however way we can. although i might try to get Ray some orders or i might not but if you are not in malaysia or singapore where these comfort foods are readily available, there are times where we crave for them and these premixed are the best to have on hand. Buying online has saved me so many hours searching the aisles in the oriental stores.

Alie said...

I have to agree with you Lily, being away from my home country coupled with being a working mom, without some good ready made mixes (there are tonnes in the market which taste horrid), I can only cook such things like prawn mee from scratch only during the weekends. But with this recipe along with the okra sambal..i can easily dish out a healthy dish during a weeknight in minutes for my family in contract to eating a frozen/ready made meal or buying take away which is expensive here.

By the way, i tried to access the mytasteofasia website but it appears that the site is no longer active. I tried googling as well but to no avail...can you please point me in the right direction on purchasing the delimas prawn mee please?

lilyng said...


i am afraid that mytasteofasia is no more in operation. For your info, the asian store we frequent has been stocking Tean's Gourmet prawn noodle and curry nnodle cos one of their customer requested the boss to order them. Try taking a picture of the product you like and ask the owner of the store to stock up and they will gladly do it.

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