Thursday, April 19, 2007

Chee Cheong Fun II

I think i have opened Pandora Box on Borax. I too am afraid to use it and like how the malaysians will say - What to do? When you have the urge to eat a plate, I will cook some dried Vietnamese Rice Stick Hu Tieu and eat with sweet sauce. It is almost like the real fresh thing except that the size of the Hu Tieu is so much thinner. And again another saying in hokkien ' Bo Hu Hae Too Ho'

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a packet of vietnamese rice stick Hu Tieu

Garlic oil
Sweet Sauce (recipe is in Chee Cheong Fun)
Fried Shallots or garlic
Roasted Sesame seeds


Cook the rice stick according to the instructions on the back of packet. Rince in cold water and drain dry.

To serve:

Top a plate of cold hu tieu with garlic oil, sweet sauce, fried shallots and roasted sesame seeds.




Wai ching said...

I love chee cheong fun. Do you know Ipoh Chee Cheong Fun with the mushroom sauce? Do you know how to make that thick mushroom sauce?

lilyng said...

wai ching

i have not eaten Ipoh's chee cheong fun with mushroom sauce but i am to make it, it will be:

sliced mushrooms
oyster sauce
soya sauce
cornstarch for thickening

Anonymous said...

Is Borax powder dangerous for consumption?

Thanks Lily for all the wonderful recipe! I am Msian just starting work in CHicago and I live w an American room mate who wants to see my "skills" in the kitchen. She cooks me yummy Mexican food but I can't really make her suffer through my mediocre preparation. My mum recommended your site (she found it a few weeks ago and has been rigorous practising! She loooooves your easy-to-follow recipe and can't stop churning out yummy food! I wish I was home..).

Thanks Auntie Lily!

lilyng said...


yes, borax is no good and i wonder how the fresh kway teow can be so spongy?????

Anonymous said...

cool! I am a Malaysian too and living in Chicago. I've been craving for chee cheong fun especially the one with the mushroom sauce too. I am originally from Ipoh so it's been awhile since I had chee cheong fun. I am totally going to try making this.

Anonymous said...

Oh, your chee cheong fun looked horrible. Don't spoil the name of our soft, smooth and tasty chee cheong fun PLEASE.

lilyng said...


this chee cheong fun might looked horrible but no matter how horrible looking it was, it did satisfy the craving for chee cheong fun and it was better than eating a plate of mushy, too soft chee cheong fun

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