Monday, January 07, 2013

Smile Pao Revisited

Since this is my first posting of this new year, i would like to post something more cheerful as January can be a cold, dreary bummer  of a month. The only way to shake the desire to hibernate until spring, i had to cook or bake something that puts a smile not only on my face but a smile to everyone who enjoys eating these Smile Pao.............

Continue to read and recipe click HERE


Louise said...

I like its taste.

Tan said...

Hi Lily
Thanks so much for sharing your pao pictures and recipes. They are really smiley and look delicious. I am definitely going to give it a try.

In going through the various pao postings that you have, I need some clarifications on the following:

1) the replacement of wheat flour with 5 tbsp of flour (presumably pao flour). I couldn't find any of your pao recipe which has wheat flour as an ingredient. Am I missing something?

2) Starter dough
There are 2 recipes for starter dough. The first being:
8 ozs pao flour
1 tsp instant yeast
1 tbsp fine granulated sugar
0.5 cup water for a start
Adjust water bit by bit
until a slightly
wet dough is achieved.

The second being:
250 gm pau flour
125-200 ml water
50 gm leftover starter dough

I supposed the first recipe need to be created before the second can be achieved, right?

When do we use the first recipe and when the second? Am a bit unsure on this starter dough. Hope you can help to clarify it.

Thanks so much for sharing again. I can't wait to show off to my family :-) ...

Unknown said...


i am sorry for the late reply. yes, you are absolutely right, first make the first starter dough, then use the required amount for the main dough. if you intend to make more paus soon, feed the remainder and let it double in volume before using. I hope you have read that i no longer use any wheat starch as too much starch makes the paus stick to your teeth. Use all pau flour for the main dough. good luck

Unknown said...


another apology for the typo on your name, too early no coffee yet.

follow this improved version

Anonymous said...

Hi Liy
Thanks for your reply. I shall try the link to this recipe which I notice does not have wheat flour anymore.

Waiting for the pao results feels like waiting for exam results...haha.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily
I have made the first Starter. Waiting for it to ferment for 4 hours.

1) Once it is fermented, I can use 4ozs of this Starter to make the first batch of Bao dough, right? I know, I might be hearing from you later than 4's ok, I take the risk.

2) I can then use the 50 gms of the leftover from the first starter to make the second starter, right?

3) With the second starter, I can use 4ozs of it to make the second batch of Bao dough, right? If so, this means that when I make the second batch of Bao dough, I do not need to make the first starter, right?

4) I can take 50gms from the balance of the second starter to make another batch of starter using the second starter's recipe, right? I presume this continues on to the subsequent batches of starters. How many batches of starters can this go on?


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