Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Steamed Fish

Cooking this dish is effortless, the only difficult part is to scale or like me, just remove the skin of the fish.  You can beat Rachael Ray hands down way for preparing your dinner before 30 minutes, if you serving this dish..  The plate of fish is left to steam on top of the rice, in the rice cooker,  as soon as there are no more bubbles on the surface of the rice.  Leave the plate of fish on top, close the lid and forget about it until you are ready to have dinner.  To complete your dinner menu,  a vegetable dish will be good.  Wash and cut up some leafy vegetables, arrange them on a plate and add in a couple of tablespoons of oil, zap in the microwave for 3 - 4 minutes.  Add in a tablespoon of oyster sauce before serving.  Two dishes down, now you need to balance your dinner nutritiously with a meat or tofu dish and a soup like egg drop, miso or hot and sour soup .  This is pretty much the daily action in my kitchen and sometimes when there is no more greens in the fridge, just serve 'kimchi'.


1 piece of fish steak/fillet
1 stalk spring onions
1 heaped teaspoon of Ginger and garlic sauce
A dash of white pepper(optional)
Shredded spring onions for garnishing


Scale or remove the skin if you need to.

Put the stalk of spring onion on to a plate/dish that will fit your rice cooker and place fish steak/fillet on top. 

Top the fish steak/fillet with the ginger and garlic sauce and when there are no more bubbles on the rice, place prepared plate/dish on top of rice.  Close the rice cooker lid and forget about it until you are ready for dinner.

Sprinkle a dash of white pepper and garnish with shredded spring onions before serving



Beachlover said...

I always admire you cooking dish over the rice in rice cooker..I 'm so afraid the dish don't cook or half cook so I never tried,maybe I should tried your method one day especially fish dish.Love your steamed fish but I only use lazy microwave method instead of steaming in steamer:)

Unknown said...


don't underestimate the steam in the rice cooker, it cooks pretty well and if you don't the catch the steam in time, you can finish the cooking in the microwave

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