Friday, May 29, 2009

Assam Black Pomfret

Black Pomfret is one of the frozen fishes that somehow is just as good as one which has just come out of the water.
I had to show my guests around, we enjoyed ourselves so much that we forgot about the time. We were running very late for dinner, luckily the fish was taken out to thaw in the morning before we left home. So, cooking this dish was no effort as the assam spices was a premixed and pineapple was from the can. Only the tomatoes needed to be halves. Thank goodness for premixed spices and a well stocked pantry.

1 black pomfret
1/2 salt
1 packet of Assam pedas (any brand will do - adjust taste with tamarind juice and sugar)
2 tomatoes cut into halves
1 can pineapple chunks

Clean the black pomfret of scales and salt the fish, inside and on the surface of fish.
Follow the instructions in the packet of assam pedas premix, add in the black pomfret. Cover and cook until fish is cooked. Adjust taste with tamarind juice if not sour enough, sugar and salt according to taste.
Add in tomatoes and pineapple chunks and bring gravy back to the boil.
Serve hot with white rice and enjoy.



Little Corner of Mine said...

That's why I love my premixed too, life saver! So, you have guests at your house now?

Charmaine said...

I miss black pomfret. My mum used to fry it with kunyit powder back home. Unfortunately, cannot get this type of fish in Sydney. Yours looks yummy esp. with a bowl of steamed rice.

Cindy Khor said...

this certainly looks tasty and easy to do...i'll try it this weekend

Anonymous said...


Try the fish shop near Tai Kee Supermarket in Haymarket.


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