Monday, December 01, 2008

Golden Rice

This golden rice dish is amazingly scented by the spices used especially the warm pungency of the cinnamon bark. Serve this dish with Dry Curry Chicken or Rendang Minangkabau or Fish in Coconut milk sauce/Sothy or any curry dishes posted in this blog.

21 oz (600 g) basmati rice - soak for 30 minutes and then drain dry
2 oz (55 g) ghee or butter
1 tsp chopped ginger
1 tbsp chopped garlic
4 shallots - thinly sliced
1 - 2 inch cinnamon bark
8 cardamons lightly crushed
6 cloves
1 chicken cube
1 1/2 tsp salt
40 fl oz (1.1 litre) boiling water
Coloring for the rice:
Mix 1 tsp yellow food coloring with 1/4 tsp Rose essence and 4 tbsp water.

Heat ghee or butter and add in the cinnamon bark and fry until the bark opens uo, then add in the aromatics until lightly browned.
Add in the rest of the spices and the drained rice.
Stir fry the rice until coated with oil and smell fragrant and nutty.
Pour in boiling water and seasonings.
Transfer to rice cooker and cook until done.
Sprinkle with yellow color mixture over rice and raisins(optional).
Loosen rice to mix in the color.
Top with fried shallots and cashew nuts before serving.


gill gill said...

oh...first in my mind, i thought the yellow color would be saffron? :)

Unknown said...

gill gill

you could use saffron instead of yellow coloring but i am reserving my expensive saffron to cook saffron rice which will color all the rice instead of streak of yellow.

Anonymous said...

Hi Aunty Lily

I m very impressed with your food blog. You must be a great cook and baker.

I m looking for some steamed cake recipes as I dont have an oven. Do you have some to share.

Thank you.

Unknown said...


there are quite a few of steamed cakes in my blog - look in cake - rainbow cake, steamed cake and sweet and sour cakes are all steamed. there are some in snacks - fatt kohs etc

Hungry Gal said...

Hi Lily

This looks delicious... i will be making this rice this weekend! Yum.

Anonymous said...

this looks delicious...maybe I'll cook it this weekend. BTW, aunty, do you by any chance have a steam fruit cake recipe? My mother yearns to eat one but I don't have any recipe on that.

Unknown said...


you can use this recipe - free range fruit cake and steam it instead of baking. Make use you cover the steamer lid and foil the top of cake pan so that water will not drip into it and at the last 10 minutes of steaming, remove foil to dry out the top. you might have to steam for longer, test for doneness.

Anonymous said...


Sorry to ask u a question on this entry which is already a year old. This recipe is very much like Nasi Briyani& I thought with your experience, u can give me some tips. I tried a few times cooking Nasi Briyani using a rice cooker. Since I don't have Basmathi rice, I use just ordinary rice. I encounter problem when I transfer the half cooked rice with spices into the rice cooker, my rice cooker switch to warming mode too soon. It just won't 'cook' the rice no matter how I press the cook button. My rice cooker is rather new & it cooked white rice nicely, just not my briyani rice recipe. Do u think it is my rice (which is not Basmathi) or i need to boil some liquid in the rice cooker before pouring in the half cooked rice? Thanks.

Redyoyo (Malaysia)

Unknown said...


i can understand your frustration when the rice don't cook well and the rice cooker don't behave. i usually will not bother with trying to get the rice cooker - i will remove it to a big casserole and zap in the microwave for 5 or 6 mins on high. i have realised that i have not posted nasi briyani and if i can locate my pics, will post it asap or cook nasi biryani

Anonymous said...


What a great idea to use microwave when the rice cooker does not behave. I did not think of that option before & I ended up cooking my rice on on gas stove instead. Frustrating. Thanks anyway & can't wait for you to post your Nasi Briyani recipe.


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