Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Rice Cooker Fatt Koh

Nature and ancestor spirits are common in popular Taoism so this recipe comes in very handy for those who wish to offer this for worship on the ancestor's altar.


100 g self-rising flour
80 g sugar
100 - 105 ml water
red food coloring


Put an inch of water into the rice cooker , the steaming rack and the cups for steaming, press the cook button,

When the water boils, mix the ingredients thoroughly and well combined.

Pour into the steamed cups to 90%, almost to the brim and close the rice cooker.

Cook for 15 - 20 minutes (no peeking).

After kohs are done, remove and put in more cups to heat up for the remaining batter(if there is any)



MsCake said...

Hi Lily

Wow nice smiling huat kueh ! Need to clarify something:
With so little flour & sugar, why you can make 5 med size kuehs ?? Or did u do it in 2-3 times ?

As for yr brown sugar huat kueh recipe, that is 250gm self-raising flour, 140gm sugar, 100ml water,150gm coconut milk, I can only do 3 of this size kueh..anything wrong ?

Pls advise - Thanks !


Anonymous said...

Hi Lily
I love your blog. Will definitely try the kohs, instead of red colouring, I will use beetroot juice as colouring.
will keep you posted of the outcome.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily!

I'm a Malaysian living in Denver, CO. Love your recipes! I lived and worked many years in Singapore. I have a huge craving for Singapore BBQ chicken wings - the kind you find in any good hawker center. Not sure why, I haven't found any similar-tasting grilled chicken wings in KL.

Do you have a recipe for Singapore-style chicken wings that you can share?

Many thanks,

Anonymous said...

Hi lily,

I saw the picture of your Spicy Chang/Nasi Kunyit/Sambal Hae Bee appear in this blog Did she ask for your permission?

Unknown said...


write to me through my email this way it is easier to correspond than here.

i don't really know how the singapore chicken wings taste like but i can get my friends from singapore to tell me.

btw, i have a huge group of singaporean and malaysian friends here in colorado.

FooDcrazEE said...

that is indeed handy. . .

Unknown said...


no permission was asked but it's ok, no harm done

Unknown said...


the number of cakes that can be turned out from a recipe depends on the size of cups.

VG said...

Hi Lily

I am after a noodle recipe. I think it is called Nin Nyong (???). I am originally from Alor Star and have only eaten this dish there. This is a rice noodle with some bee hoon, cooked in dark soy sauce. It has sort of a vinegarish taste to it. Do you have any inkling of what I am talking about? Can you help?

My e-mail is

Tks Lily.....VG

Unknown said...


you can follow the recipe for wat than hor and for frying the beehoon - soak the beehoon in cold water -

Heat the wok until very hot, then add in 1 tsp oil. Put in the drained maifun(a handful) into the hot wok and add in another tsp of oil. When maifun is brown on one side turn it over. Remove and keep warm. Repeat until all the maifun is done.

myCoffee said...

Do you think I can replace the water with chocolate milk in your recipe to make some choc-flavored huat kuehs?

VG said...

Thank you very much Lily.
I will give it a go.


Unknown said...


there should be no problem, replace another liquid with water

CRIZ LAI said...

Wow.. this is so convenient. I think I have all the ingredients in my kitchen except a weighing machine.. haha. I should get another replacement soon since the last one was spoiled.

Anyway, thanks for sharing. I saw anonymous wrote about the hae bee rice dumpling photo snatching. I did use your photo too but I did link back to your post ~~wink~~ :)

Anonymous said...

wow, i love this recipe! so simple, and i've got everything...

and 15 to 20 mins is enough, regardless of type/ brand/ model of rice cooker?

what if i open it too early/ late?

thanks for sharing this simple recipe!

Anonymous said...

sorry one more question..

we 'pre heat' the cups then pour the batter in right.. then how do we remove these? (sorry i'm a novice at baking, but would love to try to bake and have good results)

Unknown said...


do not open the lid of the rice cooker to peek especially the first 15 minutes as the cakes will not smile as heat is lost.

you do not have to remove the heated cups, just pour the batter into the cups and close the lid.

to remove the hot cooked kohs from the rice cooker, i use the kitchen tongs which a rubberband is used to curl round the tips to prevent slipping.

The Lee Girls said...

Hi Aunty Lily,

I have found a fatt kueh recipe in a local Chinese magazine. It is a very easy to make.

Pancake mix 1 cup
all purpose flour 1 cup
cold water 1 cup
light brown sugar 1 cup

a) Sift the pancake mix and flour together;

b) Dissolve the sugar in the cold water first before adding them to the flour mixture;

c) Use the egg tart molds to hold the small paper cups;

d) Pour the batter into the cupcake molds about 80-90% full.

e) steam them on high heat for 20 minutes.

See if you woll like this recipe.


Unknown said...


Thanks for sharing this recipe and i will try it if i land myself a pkt of pancake mix. I will make pancake from scratch

MsCake said...

Hi Lily

Would like to check with you when steaming this fatt kueh using rice cooker. What if the 'cook' button jump to the 'warm' button after 10-15 mins but we are not sure if we can open it? Wonder if we can continue to switch back to 'cook' button for another 5-10 mins ?

For steaming this using steamer, it takes me 25 mins to fully-cooked the kuehs.

Pls advise as I will try this using brown sugar to replace sugar.

THanks so much !

Unknown said...


if the rice cooker cook button has switched to warm, it takes awhile before the cook button can function again. you would have to use a knife or something to hold the button down.

if your cups are small, the koh will be cooked in 15 - 20 mins.

if your koh takes more than 20 mins, try to use more water and raise the cups higher

Anonymous said...

dear aunty lily, i have a question. what kind of cups can i use? regular glass cups can?

Unknown said...


i don't know if the glass cups are heatproof otherwise they will shatter in the heat, if they are pyrex/anchor hocking or heatproof, then you can use them safely. Use ceramic cups like tea cups or rice bowls.

Anonymous said...

hi lily, do i have to use a mixer or manual stirring will do ok? thx. liz.

Unknown said...


i did not use a mixer, i used a manual whisk and mix.

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