Thursday, May 08, 2008

Rainbow Flaky Puffs

Flower Shape

Round Shape

After making the Flower Pastry from the Tau Sar Paeng recipe, the urge to make the colorful rainbow ones is getting greater. Found this recipe and thought that it might be it. No, it did not turned out as expected. The pastel colors were too light and when fried, there was no color at all, just brown fried and also the rolling is not right. The petals were too short and not so pretty. So, have to try again.


A Water Dough

100 g all purpose flour
10 gm confectioner's /powdered sugar
50 g shortening
40 g water
B Oil Dough

80 g all purpose flour
40 g shortening


Lotus Paste/Red Bean Paste/Mung Bean Paste
(40 g x 8)

1. Mix A till smooth, rest for 10 minutes

2. Mix B till even. Divide into 4 portions, add in food colorings, yellow, pink, green and blue. and roll each colored dough into 4 inch roll.

3. Flatten water dough into a flat rectangle about 5 inch x 7 inch, place the colored 4 inch rolls,( starting with yellow, pink, green and blue from the left), in the middle of rectangle, in line with the 5 inch side of rectangle. Fold in the sides of rectangle, on top of the 4 colored doughs and seal all the sides.

6. Rolled out the dough until very thin and the colors should be visible. The yellow color should be on your left.
7. Fold into thirds and give a turn, then roll out thin. The color should be horizontal now.
8. Roll up like a swiss roll beginning from the yellow color.
9. Cut into 8 pieces and roll the cut side into a circle.
10. Wrap with the filling.
11. For the round shape, just wet the top and sprinkle some sesame seeds.
12. For the flower shape, roll the wrapped dough into a flat disk. Divide into sections and cut, turn the cut sections to look like a flower.
14. Bake in preheated oven 180 C/350 F for 25 minutes.



Unknown said...

Hey Lily,

You are the looks so you think I can order from you?? Keep it up!!!


Anonymous said...

Wow! Lily, it looked sooo beautiful! It looks soo flaky and the color are so bright! Just like a rainbow! Well Done!!

Tiffany said...

Wow, these look so cool! How fun!

Unknown said...


welcome to my blog and i hope to meet up with you one day.

pigpigscorner said...

Came across this while browsing. Looks so pretty!

tahai said...

Dear Lily
It's a beauty! I've made this kind of flaky dough last Moon Festival, it's a LABOR. I'm totally surrender to your rainbow flaky puffs. Two thumbs up for you. b^___^b


Unknown said...

dear tahai

thanks for visiting my blog and i hope you are well.

Making these was fun and not so tedious as i only made a few pieces.

Hope to see you more often in my blog.

take care

Florence said...

Happy Mother's Day

You're doing the flakies again!
No filling at home, have to make some or buy some before I can try out the Peony pastry.

Unknown said...


happy mother's day to you too.

ya, was trying to make the peony pastry but the petals were too short with this rolling.

i have managed to make the peony and even attempted the Radish Puff but this needs alot of practice to get the layers very even.

Deborah Dowd said...

What a challenge, but the result looks and sounds delicious!

Anonymous said...

Hi lily,

Very nice pastry! You are really good at all cooking and baking!

may i know when rolling the oil dough in the water dough, do i need to be careful not to let the oil dough be "burst" out from the water dough? Or is it ok that the water dough to be merge with the oil dough while rolling? Thanks!

Unknown said...


roll the dough with slight pressure but not until it burst the outer layer. if the oil dough is merged, you will get a flaky pastry but the layers might not turn out

Anonymous said...

will you open a restaurant when the grandkids go to college? You do awesome work. Maybe you should start teaching cooking classes.

Unknown said...


i will be too old to do anything when my grandkids go to college.

Every sunday, a group of us ladies gather and i will teach them to cook whatever they wish to learn.

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