Friday, December 14, 2007

Grilled Skate Wing/Stingray

Stingray or Skate was an inexpensive and largely ignored fish until relatively recently, when this excellent way of cooking it - slathered with Chili Sambal, wrapped in banana leaf and grilled over charcoal was discovered. I found that i had better result using the griddle than grilling over fire and whatever chili sambal you have on hand will do. There are so many types of premix or assam fish available and even Tom Yam paste can be a sub. for the chili sambal. Any white fish fillets would be a good stand in for the stingray.


1½-2 lb whole Stingray/skate wing, cleaned
1½ tsp palm sugar or dark brown sugar
juice of 1 lemon /lime
2 tbsp vegetable oil
1 tbsp tamarind paste
1 cup warm water
a large piece of banana leaf [Substitute: aluminum foil]
2-4 toothpicks, soaked in water
3-4 fresh lime, cut into wedges
1 onion, sliced, for garnishA few sprig
s fresh coriander leaves [cilantro], for garnish
8 shallots, peeled
4 garlic, peeled
1 inch fresh ginger, peeled
2 stalks lemongrass, tender ends only
4-6 dried chilies, softened in hot water
1½ tsp
belacan, also spelt belachan or blacan [dried shrimp paste]
[Items in red are to be ground/blended]


Rub stingray with lemon/lime juice and salt, set aside for 10 mins.

In a small bowl, mix tamarind paste with warm water, strain, discard seeds, set aside.

Using blender/food processor, grind shallots, garlic, ginger, lemongrass, dried chilies , vegetable oil and belacan.

Cook the ground paste in the microwave on high until fragrant.

Add tamarind, sugar, salt to taste, cook further until sauce is slightly thickened, allow sauce to cool.

Soften banana leaf in hot water, dry well with a tea towel, lightly coat with vegetable oil .

Spoon and spread half the sauce on the banana leaf, lay the stingray fillets on top, spoon the rest of the sauce on the fish.

Fold the banana leaf into a packet, secure with toothpicks .

Grill on a hot charcoal bbq grill or indoor grill or stovetop grill pan, 10-15 mins, depending on the thickness of the fish, turn over ONCE
Garnish with sliced onions, coriander leaves and lime wedges

Serve hot with steamed rice or a fresh salad



sunita said...

Hi Lily, this is anew recipe for me..I've heard so much about skates, but have never tasted it.

SIG said...

Wow, I love sambal stingray. Will make it when I next have a bbq, whenever that is.

Little Corner of Mine said...

This looks good! I love sambal stingray.

Anonymous said...

Hi I love this dish, will definitely try it.
I really love your blog, have been checking it out you know the recipe of taro basket with sauteed mixed vegetables by any chance? the one we always eat in restaurant where they'll stir fry the vegies with cashew and put in a taro basket? would love to try making that one day....

Unknown said...


i love this taro basket dish too andd will make one when i plan to do alot of frying cos the basket needs to be fried and i don't want to end up with a big pot of oil.

Anonymous said...

Wow Lily! Thanks for this recipe. I have always loved this dish ... a must whenever I go back to KL.

I have tried making it at home ... but, it always didn't come out with that "taste".

Can't wait to try it out with your recipe!

Anonymous said...

I came across eating this yam basket in this restaurant. He came out one without having to use a lot of oil. Make the yam into small nuggets instead of making a basket. Save a lot of oil.

Unknown said...


the small nuggets are fried too and they need alot of oil to get the spider effect for the yam balls.

this small nuggets are so much easier to handle than the basket. the frying of the basket can be messy

Beachlover said...

Aunty Lily,
Oh!! what a delicious skate you made!!.I alway come to your blog but never leave a comment b4 .I realise you use microwave a lot and learn from you how to goreng ikan bilis using microwave.That is the best technique you have invent for us.Thank you!.You're right...skate here in US is so cheap...99 cent lb.The first time I'm fishing I caught only skates and it's really look geli with tail...They called "monster fish" in chinese...have to wait for summer to grill your special recipe.Thanks for sharing:))

Florence said...

Dear Lily & family,
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year!

Unknown said...


merry christmas and happy new year

Anonymous said...

Hello there beachlover and Aunty Lily,

may I know where is the link for the goreng ikan bilis in microwave?

Would love to try it too!

Thank you.

Unknown said...


how to fry ikan bilis in the microwave is here

Anonymous said...

I just made this according to your recipe -- it was delicious! Reminiscent of skate wing I ate in Singapore. Thank you!

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