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Homemade Salted Eggs II

Thank you Angie from for showing how to make salted eggs without using brine. It is so convenient and easy. The eggs turned just as good as the convention way. I will start a batch every other two weeks so i will have salted eggs ready for eating all the time.

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9 chicken eggs
table salt
wine(i use shao xing)
one 1/2 gallon ziploc bag


Dip egg into wine until well coated, then roll it over the salt.

Put egg into ziploc bag.

Repeat the precedure with the other eight eggs.

Close ziploc bag and eggs to mature for 20 - 30 days. Eggs can be ready by 20 days but perhaps i have coated with less salt, i had to wait a few days before they are ready)

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Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

Thanks for the recipe. Will try it out since I have everything now. Will let you know how mine turned out.

Beau Lotus 涟 said...

Here you are to the rescue again, Lily!

I have not eaten salted eggs for ages and really miss them!

Just 2 questions, where do we keep the eggs? In room temperature, away from the sun, in the fridge...? And what other wines can we use?

Anonymous said...

Hi, lily do I have to boiled the egg first?, the finish product is it the same like using duck egg?, how much salt?, thanks a lot for your help.

Unknown said...

beau lotus

use whatever wine that you have in hand and leave them in room temp., just remember where you put them as it will be after 20 days when you need to check one to see if they are ready

Unknown said...


duck eggs are desirable for making the best salted eggs because the fat content in the yolk is higher.

you start with raw eggs and the amount of salt depends on how much can be coated around the eggs. Cook the salted eggs like you would for hard boiled eggs. i will put one or two into my rice before i turned on the cooker.

Little Corner of Mine said...

This way of making salted eggs is new to me. So very easy leh!

Anonymous said...

How do you know when the eggs area ready/done? You said 20 days. Do the egg shells turn a particular color?

Unknown said...


there won't be any change in color and if you shake the egg hard enough you should be able to hear the yolk move, if so, then the yolk is hard enough and ready.i am not good in this area, i will just cook one for testing. After 30 days, if i have not finished eating/utilised them, i would either cook them or separate the white and yolk as further brining will over mature and that is not good eats

East Meets West Kitchen said...

Hi Lily,
Sounds like something I must try! haha!

Anonymous said...

What's the difference in taste with salted chicken and duck eggs? Are salted chicken eggs good? As you can tell, I've never had salted chicken eggs. I've only had salted duck eggs. I don't recalling seeing raw/uncooked duck eggs in the supermarkets to get for this brining process. I've bought salted duck eggs from Asian supermarkets and they don't have that big bright orange yolk. Most are so pathetic looking. The yolks don't taste good either.

Unknown said...

east meets west kitchen

please try making a batch and tell me how they turned out.

Unknown said...


i have not made with duck eggs before but if i can remember the ones i ate back in malaysia was fragrantly eggy and oily. The ones i made with chicken eggs, although the yolks are hardened do not have the color and fragrance of the salted duck eggs. a few yolks out of a batch made will not be as good as the rest and i presume the quality of the yolks plays an important part to make a good salted eggs. The feed given to the chicken is the factor.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

Why do you need to know the amount of salt to coat the eggs? Can you put the eggs in a countainer and cover all the eggs with salt to be sure that it is enough?


ioyces said...

hi Lily..

i came across your blog from Aunty Yochana's Cake Delight..

wow!!! Thanks for showing us how to make salted eggs!! I have just made them n m looking forward to the 20th day!!!


Unknown said...


i think it will work too the way you mentioned but this way, you save on salt

ioyces said...

hi Lily!!
the 20th day is here and I have just cooked my first salted egg! It turned out beautifully!

Thanks so much for sharing the recipe!! M going to make them on a regular basis!! So happy!!!! :D


Anonymous said...

HI lily, just got to know your blog not long but have swept up everything. I have a batch of nice oily & "safe"(no sultan red) salted chicken egg. im from singapore. thanks

wHOisBaBy said...

Hi lily,
i was successful with your slated egg recipe. thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

How much salt did you use to coat one egg or all the 9 eggs? Is it ok to store it in the fridge after 20 days if I cannot finish the rest of the eggs?

Unknown said...


i don't really know, it does not matter as long as the eggs get coated with them.

you would have to try and cook one to test to see if it is ready, it can be kept for up to 30 days depending on the size of eggs and the amount of salt.

when you think they are ready, cook all of them and keep in the fridge

Anonymous said...

Lily - are you sure your eggs were ready in 20-30 days?

I tried a batch of 6 duck eggs, followed the instructions and used sea salt (as called for in the original recipe I left them in the "salt bath" for a full four weeks in the back of my pantry cupboard.

The result was exceptionally disappointing - I could taste that the egg yolk had something "done to it" - but definitely not as rich as the ones in your picture. The white was actually vaguely salty and could be eaten on its own with no rice.

I definitely coated them with plenty of salt - it looked like they were caked in salt when I place them into the bag...

Odd, any other suggestions? Thanking you in advance, Linda

Anonymous said...

Dear Lily

I write to thank u for your posting of salted eggs. I have sucessfully made 30 salted eggs and have made mooncakes with them recently.
The rest my family ate with porridge. So nice. No chemical.
Thks a lot take care.

KC Ng from Singapore

Unknown said...

linda l

i just made of batch and it was ready in 20 - 22 days.

what i used was ordinary table salt and i found that whisky was better than chinese wine

to get a rich, oily and red yolks you have to get eggs produced by grain fed chickens i found these eggs in walmart and the yolks are fantastic

Anonymous said...

Lily - I think I worked out what the problem was. My eggs are actually humungous duck eggs (from Whole Foods). My Dad always uses duck eggs and his always turned rich and oily (using the old brining method which took 6-8 weeks).

I just read that you used chicken eggs. This definitely explains WHY mine didn't taste "ready" - I have returned them to the salt bath for a good 2-3 weeks. Then I'll check them - THANKS :).

Anonymous said...

Unless I've mistaken, brown chicken eggs have slightly more fat content than white chicken eggs. Check on the nutritional table provided on both produce. But nothing can top duck egg I guess.

Unknown said...

candy spooner

i have so often read that the difference between brown eggs and white eggs is purely cosmetic.

anyway, i did have a very good batch of reddish yolks made from eggs laid by grain fed chickens.

Anonymous said...

Lily, Just cooked my batch of salted eggs... some are good and some not so (like hard boiled eggs but white is salty).. I guess it depends on how much salt I managed to coat onto the eggs. Thanks for the recipe. Will try again.

Anonymous said...

I made a double batch and they turned out beautifully. But how do you keep them once they are ready? Can I cook them and then take out of the shell and freeze them?


Unknown said...


i will separate the salted eggs first, then put them in the freezer.

Unknown said...

Out of 10 eggs only 2 becomes salted eggs after 1 month for me . The remaining eggs just could not cured properly
and looks n tasted like normal boiled eggs. They were done all at the same time but why only two sucessful?
Is also not easy for the salt to stick on the egg shells even after mixing with the chinese wine…do u faced this problem as well?
Instead i pour lots of salt to cover the eggs…do u think this is why it fail to cured?
What happens if i leave th eggs longer than 1 month?


Unknown said...


my longest wait for the eggs to be ready is 30 days.

egg shells are porous, so a little salt goes a long way. it does not need to be fully coated.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily, I've tried your receipe and cooked my first salted egg today and it was fantastic!! My hubby said that it wasnt too salty and tasted fresher than those from outside!!

This is a keeper and I will definitely make some more!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

I am going to try your salty egg receipe. However, do you think a sealed container is just as effective as a ziplock bag?

I worry that I might break them... ;) Thanks!

Unknown said...


i suppose a container works just as well

Xia said...

Hello! I love your website I'm learning a lot. Can I use brandy or red wine to dip the egg before coating it with salt ?

Unknown said...


save the brandy for recipes that require their rich taste. Use the cheapest wine like chinese cooking wine.

Angust Almighty said...

Hey Lily..

I love the eggs.. But not the length of time to get it done.. I had 5/6 eggs done.. 1 of it went bad.. and stinks.. Don't know why... Maybe becoz it was cold be4.. Walmart does not have room temperature eggs... u think so?

Unknown said...

august almighty

i don't think that cold is the cause, it must have been bad or not fresh.

jenna said...

Howdy Lily - found your blog while looking for matcha kasutera. anyway, wondering if iodized salt makes a difference? it's kind of hard to find plain table salt in my area. sea salt is pretty expensive.
thanks for a fun blog with unusual subjects -- love the pieces on re-purposing takeout leftovers.

Anonymous said...

Hello Lily,

I am looking for ways to preserve the egg. Since it is already preserved with salt on the 20- 30th day can I just wash the salt of the egg shell, store it in a cool place and make scrambled eggs with spinach a few weeks later?

Unknown said...


when the eggs are salted and ready, you would have to consume them or cooked them like hard boiled and keep in the fridge. Another way would be to separate the egg yolk and whites and can be kept in the freezer. The presence of salt in the white will continue to react on the yolk if not separated and that would not be good eats.

apip64 said...

Thanks for the recipe.

Anonymous said...

I tried to get your recipe for “Ground pork with salted eggs”, but, however many times I enter, it still stays on the homepage of making “homemade salted eggs II”. Please help? Thanks

Unknown said...


please try this link

Anonymous said...

Thank you, this link work

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