Sunday, February 11, 2007

Pineapple Roll

This recipe came with the roller which has grooves so that when rolled in a checkered pattern will give the finished result looking sort of like the pineapple. Before the recipe which is in a tiny piece of paper is thrown away, i had better post it as the pastry turned out very well. For the benefit of those who would like to try an easy recipe for the new year, there is still time to make these.
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125 gm butter
30 gm icing sugar
220gm all purpose flour(remove 2 tbsp and replace with cornflour)
1 egg yolk
1/2 tsp vanilla essence

1 egg yolk + 1 tsp water for glazing


pineapple jam - refer


Cream butter with icing sugar until light.

Add in egg yolk and vanilla and cream until combine.

Add in the flour and mix into a dough.

Rest down for at least 30 minutes in the refrigerator

Roll out dough to 5mm thickness using grooving rolling pin to get a striped pattern, then roll diagonally to form checked pattern.

Cut into strips, turn pattern over, fill the initial section with pineapple jam, roll pastry over and trim off. Repeat.

Glaze and bake in preheated oven @ 350 f/180 c for 15 minutes.



Unknown said...


Would you consider selling your pineapple tarts to me?

I live in Bay Area, California. Thanks!

thisisnaive said...

Ah I'm probably going to miss pineapple tarts this year as I'm a baking novice. Your microwave pineapple jam recipe sounds intriguing though. I remembered helping my mum in the kitchen when she made pineapple tarts, the jam alone took a day!

sc said...

hi lily, just came across your blog recently.. thanks for sharing this recipe, and just in time for Chinese new year :)

Unknown said...

sook kuan

you should try making them, have some friends over and try out the recipe. it is not too difficult, you do not need the groved roller, you could use the cookie maker, choose the one which has grooves on one side and plain on the other

Unknown said...

Hey lily,

i followed your recipe for the pastry for the pineapply roll. But the dough turned out crumbly. Is there anything I can do to save the pastry?

Unknown said...


add more butter to the dough, this should make it easier to handle.

Anonymous said...

Thanks so much for posting this recipe Lily. The pastry is delicious, crumbly and full-flavored.
The butter used makes a difference. I used President butter instead of the American butters.

Anonymous said...

hey could you include photos of the food!!!

Little Corner of Mine said...

Want to wish you and family a very happy new year, good health, happiness and Gong Xi Fa Cai!

Gong Xi Gong Xi Ni and this pineapple tarts are lovely!

Anonymous said...

This is the website i've been looking for!! wow! good work lily! cook more and post more of your recipes :)

BuddingCook said...

very nice. do you use a scale to bake?

Unknown said...


my digital kitchen scale is the most used item as recipes comes in all sorts of measurements, having one saves me from converting.

invest in one, it is worth it

Anonymous said...

I made this yesterday! It turned out really good, especially the jam! I used a wooden spoon to cream by hand. Tiring but worth it. I wonder if I creamed it enough though cuz the butter and sugar became a lighter yellow. Nonetheless, follow Lily's recipe and you can't go wrong! Thank you so very very much!

elejimmy said...

Hi, I want to bake pineapple tarts this year and came across your recipe. Just wanted to check if I can use cut tis pastry using a cookie mould like in your other "crunchy" recipe as I don't have a roller, or would it be too soft?

also, if I want it to look like your "crunchy" recipe, which glazing should I use as I noticed that it differs slightly and you added yellow colouring in the other one. does it make a difference as I read that someone here had the pastry lighter yellow in colour and the result I want is like in your "crunchy" recipe.

Hope I am making sense and thanks for answering my qns.

Unknown said...


you could use this recipe but it has to be very very cold when you roll for cutting.

you could use any glaze, it will give a shine too with just egg yolk and water

Juyee Teo said...

Dear Auntie Lily

I have used the recipe for the pastry to make minced pies. I must say the pastry is so lovely and short. It tasted better the next day and I will therefore use it to make pineapple tarts this CNY. Thank you so much for posting the recipe.


Anonymous said...

Dear Lily,

i'm learning to bake and i've been having fun. thanks so much for this recipe. i just tried it out this evening and it tasted so fine! i love the melt-in-the-mouth pastry! my mom thinks the pastry is so good that it's good enough to be sold at shops. lol. thanks so much! i'm gonna make somemore tomorrow for CNY and my relatives! :)


Anonymous said...

oh 1 question lily, should i use salted or unsalted butter? Some people have commented that it's not salty enough ... i used unsalted butter.


Unknown said...


i use unsalted butter for my baking and a little salt can be added to the pastry if you wish

Anonymous said...

my mom suggested that i used another brand of butter which she had used before for making pineapple tarts. i made 1 more batch today and they taste more buttery and flavourful now. Thanks for all your recipes and advice Lily! :) I wish you a great new year!


Unknown said...


i do agree with your mom and you are lucky that you have a choice of brands for butter. here, the european butter costs an arm and a leg

azalea said...

Lily, I have to echo the others: this pastry is WONDERFUL. I worked in a little margarine after refrigerating the dough because it was too crumbly, and it turned out perfect. I used a regular rolling pin, so mine is nowhere near as presentable as yours, but they taste so good. And the jam is extremely easy to make too. I'm so happy to have been able to have this for the Raya season. Thank you!!

Kastine said...

Dear Lily

Tried the recipe today but the dough is too crumbly therefore I threw the dough away.

Does the problem occured because I didn't do a good job with the creaming of butter. I only use a spoon to cream the butter together with the sugar. Once the sugar dissolve,I stop.

Should I use a mixer to cream instead. I did once but in the end the dough too soft.

Please help


Unknown said...


you don't have to throw away your dough. you could add in more butter to make it less crumbly. This dough needs to be soft so that you can pipe it out - do not add egg, add as much butter to get a soft dough.

you could use the spoon to cream but you would have to cream longer to really get the butter and sugar, soft and fluffy.

Kastine said...

Hi Lily

I did it today and it is quite successful I think. Eventhough the tarts not as golden as those selling outside but I am happy with the results as I have failed many recipe before.

The tarts have some cracks after baking. Is it because I didn't do a good job with the dough.

Thanks for your help

Unknown said...


could you send me a picture of the tarts and tell me how the pastry was rolled out or piped out? otherwise it is quite difficult to guess where you went wrong

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,
May I know what is size of the egg used, 55g or 65g?

Unknown said...


here the large AA eggs are 55 gms

Anonymous said...

Dear Lilyng,

I made the roll yesterday, I used roller pin to roll them flat but when I try to wrap it, the pastry fall into bits. I don't know what happened? Can you please let me know.


Unknown said...


what happened?

if the filling is not in an even or smooth piece, then when you roll the pastry, the pastry will crack.

if the dough is too dry, it will not bind that well - add more butter

cyap said...

Where do you get your mould? I usually roll mine (Indonesian style)but very time consuming. this might look a lil bit more efficient. Do you know any online store that might shp overseas?

Unknown said...


i did not use a mould for these rolls. I used the ridged rolling pin for the pattern.

you could use the cookie pump, use the pattern which has jaggered teeth on one side. Pump the dough out into a long strip and cut into 3 - 4 inches, place the filling at one end and roll it up.

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