Monday, July 17, 2006

Sweetened Bean Curd, Barley and Gingko Nuts Soup

This is one of the classic of sweetened soup. Pearl/Sweet Barley is supposed to be cooling and it has many good properties that do your body good. When you have bladder problem, drinking plain barley water will help bladder improvement fast. This sweetened soup is cooked when the summer is hot, hot like right now. Denver was 103 f yesterday. Gingko nuts are optional as they are readily available here. I use the canned gingko nuts which is very convenient as the raw nuts need thorough preparation.

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1 sheet of dried bean curd (the folded variety)
1/2 can of gingko nuts(optional)
2 ozs of pearl barley
2 sheaths of pandan leaves(if available otherwise omit)
1.35 liters or 48 fl ozs water
4 ozs rock sugar or granulated sugar(adjust to your own taste)
1 egg or egg white only


Soak dried bean curd sheet in cold water for a while. It should be very soft and if the sheet is not soft, add a pinch(yes, a very tiny pinch of bicarbonate of soda to the cold water) and leave it to soften the bean curd. Drain.

Rinse pearl barley and put in pressure cooker together with bean curd sheet and 1 liter of water. Bring the pressure to high, lower the heat and pressurised for 10 minutes. Turn off heat and leave until pressure is done before opening lid.( If not using the pressure cooker, cook the barley and bean curd sheet with all the water, uncovered until high boil. Lower the heat, cover and simmer until barley is soft.)

Bring back soup to the boil, add the rest of the water, gingko nuts and sugar. When sugar dissolves, turn off heat as soon as the soup comes to high boil. Stir in the egg/egg white and keep stirring until it is cooked.



Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

You are reading my mind! Was just thinking of barley in this hot weather. Having the heat wave in Boulder county too! Thanks for the great suggestion. Also thanks for the cassava tip. Made the cake last week-yummy!

Unknown said...


you did not leave your name. do i know you. i really want to.

email me so that i can know you better

Anonymous said...

Hi, what's wrong with anonymous leaving messages in your blog? You don't like them? You seem to have the need to know the people who didn't leave their names yet left messages, but why? Some people just want to remain anonymous, and yet you want them to email you? I don't think that's necessary.

Unknown said...


i was just tryingto be friendly and thought that since anonymous is in boulder, so nearby, she might want to meet our asian friends who stay up north.

sure anonymous is fine with me

Unknown said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Anonymous said...

Dear Anonymous,

I have to tell you that getting to know Lily personally has been a great joy, and "benefit" too! hahaha. I have been to house 3 times times since meeting her through her blog, and had already enjoyed her Asam Laksa, Fishball Noodle, Goreng Pisang, Barley-Bean Curd Soup, Hor Fun, and had met many more Singaporeans, Malaysians, and other Asians through her. Lily is very warm and friendly, please do not be so suspicious. There's really no reason to sound so nasty to her.

Have a good day, everyone!

Little Corner of Mine said...


Lily just being friendly since that anonymous mentioned she is in Boulder. Lily loves to cook and invite people to her house and eat and make friends.

I feel horrible when her good intention has been judged.

Unknown said...


thanks for writing. will contact you if i get a chance.

Unknown said...


thanks for the kind words. it made my day after i felt so dejected awhile ago.

i don't have to make you sweets anymore, you are sweet enough

Unknown said...

litter corner of mine

thanks for the support.

Anonymous said...


I had written to Lily before on the cassava rasin cake recipe, and she was being friendly by asking my name. Didn't mean to cause so much trouble! Lily, thanks again for being such an inspiration. Since I'm not quite a blogger or have a web page, I'm identifying myself as anonymous for now.

Unknown said...


it is fine to remain anonymous. i don't care. you don't have to reveal who you are. i was so excited when boulder was mentioned and i thought that i could make friend with someone who is only one hour away and someone who is familiar with my cuisine.

don't worry about that comment, it made me happier to know that i have dear friends who support my value

Peony said...

hi, I'm from singapore...before marriage from Ipoh..

just to let u know, that there is another type of beancurd skin that literally melt n turn into beancurd drink

can check the pic here

btw, all your recipes are awesome...

Anonymous said...

hi lily, i am following up from an earlier post of mine, to you, about your lovely Barbie on the Beach cake.

Will you be baking a cake for your grandchild's birthday ? What design will it be? or is it a surprise. Cant wait till u blog about it and post pictures :)

I celebrated my son's 1st birthday just last weekend, and we ordered cakes...though i wish i can bake one myself next time :)

Unknown said...


thanks for dropping by. your blog is fantastic too. Me too is Popo.

prima curry paste is selling for 6 usd a pkt at the asian store. how much is it in singapore?

Unknown said...


it is the eleventh hr already and i have no idea how the cake is going to be. i have thought of making cupcakes and arranging them into a huge one figure. let's see, there are so many food to prepare and only 2 hands.

Peony said...

Prima mix has different price. The noodle mixes are cheaper, abt $3.60 while the curry mixes cost over $4

Learn something new from you, didn't know that soda can soften the dried beancurd skin, thanx

Anonymous said...


I like this sweet soup, my Mother-in-law loves to put
orange sauce"( the green paste made from green orange peel) into the gingko soup, not bad at all. ^^

diddy said...

This sounds like a remedy for a hot hot day! (95 degrees F where I am!) I recently just started my own blog at
So much to learn about cooking! You're truly an inspiration!

Unknown said...


i have not heard of green paste from green oranges. is it readily available in the chinese stores or do we have to homemake?

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

I've forgotten about this sweet soup. I used to eat it when we were kids; somehow I don't remember my mom ever made it since we came to the U.S. Thanks for the reminder.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,
I wish you are in Netherlands instead of USA. I would be dropping by every weekend for food tasting...hahahhaa

FooDcrazEE said...

if only u r here......

Unknown said...


how i wish to.

i hope i will be in malaysia to congratulate you personally when the big day arrives

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,
Thank you for all these great recipes. I have tried many of them and i really love them. Thanks again ;)
I am from malaysia, and now living in Minnesota. Really love home cook food and so glad tht i found ur website ! ;)

Anonymous said...

hi lily,
how to make the ginkgo nuts sweet? mine doesn't taste sweet at all!

Unknown said...


the gingko nuts will not be sweet. the nuts taste good with the sweet soup

Michelle said...

Hi Lily,

I'm so glad that I found your blog, you are such an inspiration :-) I love cooking and trying out new recipes, and many of your recipes remind me of so many home cooked dishes which my mum used to cook for us when i was little (that time only know how to eat, don't know how to I'm so eager to try them out :)Btw, I'm a Malaysian living in KL. Are u a Malaysian too?

Unknown said...


i used to be a malaysian

Anonymous said...

I made this soup 2 days ago and instead of pearl barley, I put sago. I tried to find out 'fu chook' in English to tell my friend in S.F. what I made and found your blog. Now I couldn't help but kept checking your recipe one by one.

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