Friday, June 09, 2006

Tapioca Raisin Cake

I have this recipe for more than 20 years and never got to try making it because the availabily of fresh tapioca in the city is scarced unless a kind friend from the kampong gives you some. I finally made it and i like it. It takes the drag out of a plain butter cake and made it more interesting by adding the grated tapioca and raisins. It was a conversation piece for the tasters as most will not imagine that 'east met west'.

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250 g unsalted butter
200 g superfine sugar
3 large eggs - separated
250 g tapioca, grated and un strained
200 g all-purpose flour
1 tsp baking powder
150 g raisin(bloom with water, drain, dry and coat with a tsp of flour )


1. Preheat oven to 350 f/180 c. Grease and line a 8 inch square baking tray with greaseproof paper.

2. Cream butter with sugar until light and fluffy.

3. Add egg yolks one at a time, beating continously, scrape sides of bowl.

3. Add in grated tapioca and mix to combine.

4. Whisk egg whites until stiff but soft peak and fold in to butter mixture.

5. Sieve flour and baking powder.

6. Fold in flour and then raisins. Check for consistency, it should drop at the count of three, otherwise add in 1 or 2 tbsp milk/water/egg white because the eggs used might not be the right size or the grated tapioca is more drained than expected)

7. Pour into the prepared baking tray and bake in preheated oven for 30 minutes. Check for doneness.



Orchidea said...

Nice recipe... I think I tried something like this last year when I was in Singapore.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

I love tapioca & I love raisins so I think I´m going to love this cake. Will try out this recipe when I get hold of fresh tapioca. I live in Germany & fresh tapioca is easily available from the Indian grocers here. Thanks a lot for sharing!

Anonymous said...

Your cake looks yummy, btw what do u mean "unstrained grated tapioca?

Anonymous said...


What do u mean by "unstrained'?

Unknown said...


grated tapioca is usually strained and even squeezed before using. in this case, the grated tapioca is used as is without squeezing or straining.

FooDcrazEE said...

looks like i really must look for a good oven ....

Anonymous said...

Dear Lily,
Do u know how to roast chicken with yellow rice/ cashew nut inside. Do u hv a simple receipe for novice? Thanks!

Unknown said...


i have not come across a such a recipe before and if you have the recipe, will be glad to test it out for you.

what simple recipe would you like?

Anonymous said...


Fresh tapioca? What does it look like? Is it called yucca?

See ya in 2 days, counting.

Anonymous said...

Sorry I do not hv the receipe. What I know is that there are a few versions: the malays make tumeric rice with spices, the indians saffron rice with cashewnuts and the chinese roast the chicken with light 5-spice rice & and chestnut. Hv u ever eaten this before? Thanks.

Unknown said...


yes, can't wait to see you. just came home from H-mart to get the ingredients for the korean bbq. i hope i don't disappoint you, a chinese preparing a korean meal.

yucca is fresh tapioca but i will always buy the frozen grated ones. fresh yucca in malaysia does not keep as it will 'take in wind' chinese says 'shok foon' and it not good eat.

Unknown said...


you mentioned so many delicious rice dishes.

yes i have cooked tumeric rice with spices which i think it is called nasi biryani.

the indian rice with saffron you mentioned is very similar to the malay's nasi minyak.

chinese roast chicken - is it stuffed with 9 types of goodies including chestnuts

Anonymous said...

Yes Lily, all types of rice cooked inside the chicken, yum! a meal in itself. Just add side dish of veg.

the rice with spices/chestnut (inside the chicken) that i tried was at a chinese place, it wasn't too heavy tasting (i can't tell if there were 9 spices- maybe my tastebuds not that discerning)!....

Can u try something like that & post it if u hv some time? Deidre

Unknown said...


you mean the stuffed chicken with all these type of rice is served in malaysia?

anyway it does give me an idea to do with a chicken meal.

i just made the korean ginseng soup which has sweet rice and ginseng stuffed in a tiny cornish hen. will post asap

Jen said...

wow I never knew you could bake with tapioca, thanks for sharing this recipe. I will be sure to try this sometime.

hoangtam/tt said...

you've been tagged for Meme: 10 Things I Miss of Mum's Cooking.

have fun!

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

Your recipe reminded me of home in Singapore! I live in Boulder, Colorado and have not seen any tapioca being sold here. Did you get your tapioca from Pacific Ocean Asian Market?

Unknown said...


i am in aurora and please do email me. i have a huge group of singaporean/malaysian here and they are all north. The group will try to meet once a month.

i bought the frozen grated cassava from the asian stores and i am sure pacific ocean has them too.

Anonymous said...

I made this today.Very time consuming to grate the tapioca but worth the effort for the cake is very yummy and texture good.I used cake flour.Thanks lily. :)

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