Monday, August 08, 2005

Loh See Fun Seremban Style

I grew up in Seremban and this style of fun which is a very thick lai fun with minced meat was my breakfast and you can buy them along the streets for only 10 cents a small bowl. It is still available at the eatery section of the Seremban Market but you would have to pay 2 ringgit for it now. It is still worth the money cos it is really delicious. I have found the dried lai fen can be eaten this way but prefers the thicker ones as they very similar to the real mccoy.

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1 pack of 14 oz thick lai fun
1 lb ground pork
A whole clove of garlic - chopped
3 tbsp Fish Sauce
1/2 tsp pepper
3 tbsp oil
Black soya sauce
Light soya sauce
Spring onions - chopped


Follow the instruction at the back of the pack of noodles and cook until noodles are soft.

Heat the 3 tbsp oil and add in garlic, fry until fragrant.

Add in ground pork and cook until pork is no more pink.

Add in fish sauce and pepper.

To serve:

Put noodles in a bowl and put in water to cover the noodles. Heat in the microwave on high for 4 mins. Drain water and add in black soya sauce and a dash of soya sauce(meat could be salty from the fish sauce). Top with cooked meat and chopped spring onions.

Enjoy with chilly sauce or pickled green chilly.



Little Corner of Mine said...

Looks delicious leh Lily! You will have to show me how this thick lai fun looks like, no clue what it is. :P

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily,

I wonder is it okay with you that I add your blog to my favorites blogster??
I guess it better to get permission from you guys first before adding. May I? Thanks!!

Unknown said...

hi jaschin

of course you can add me to your favorites. Can i have your blog address too.

you can email me

Jasmine Riko said...

Hi Lily,

It me again, thanks for the fast reply and sharing your blog with me. ^^

Here is add:

Jo said...

Dear Aunt Lily,

I just want to let you know that, I'm from Seremban too! When did you move to the US? The Seremben Loh Shee Fun is still very popular (the one in '三角地‘ or 'Trafalgar Square').

Jo C.K. said...

Hi Lily,

It's Jo again. Tried making your loh see fun a few times -- it became very popular! THank you!

I wonder if you also have the recipes for the chili sauce to compliment the noodles?


Unknown said...


the chilly sauce that the stalls who sell loh see fun in seremban market is/was, correct me if i am wrong, tasted very much like the bottle 'Sambal Olek'. Sambal Olek has garlic and if i have to make this sauce, i would just blend/process dried chillies, add salt and vinegar. Adjust taste with sugar.

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