Sunday, April 15, 2012

Starter Dough for Smile Char Siew Pau/Bao

i had wanted to share this step-by-step procedure from the beginning to end with a finished smiling pau/bao but blogger did not cooperate. I loaded all the pictures and was about to select them, boom, it took me somewhere and i lost all the pictures loaded. I am not going to load them again, cos blogger does not allow mutiple loading and i had to load, one at a time. I hope someone can help me load multiple like how it used to be. Anyway, so i decided to post this procedure by sections, starting from the starter..........

Check out the starter dough HERE

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Chris Lim said...

Lily, You might want to actually move to an actual website. CMS' such as Wordpress allows you to do Drag and Drop uploading, plus many other features that you might enjoy. Plus you can download ALL your current posts into Wordpress too.

PS: Can't wait to try this recipe!

Chris L.

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