Monday, March 26, 2012

Angrybirds Fondant Cake - Renee's 10th Birthday

Happy Birthday Renee, i hope you like this Angrybirds Cake. I am glad you chose this theme cos i really enjoyed making these birds as angry as can be. I love those adorable pigs and can't imagine that they were the bad guys. What i enjoyed most was the time you spend with me, explaining to me what this angrybirds game is about and all the levels and the special powers of each birds. With all these knowledge imparted, i still do not think i will be able to pass level 1, but i did have the inspiration to make these fondant birds as angry as possible and the pigs as cute as can be. After making so many angry birds and pigs, my fingers have cramped up from kneading the fondant to get the correct colors for each bird and my eyes have gone crossed from the tiny fixtures. I still have to make a catapult and the wooden structure of which the pigs can be placed. I should have made the catapult first as it was the biggest but i was so excited to make the birds which was so gratifying to make that i could not stop but continued to make all the birds that Renee wanted, and i made the catapult at the eleventh hour with regrets. Renee wanted the triangular yellow bird to be on the catapult and the bird was too big. So i had to remake another catapult and persuaded her to use the tiniest one which is the Ice Bird. For the wooden structure, tootsie rolls saved the day.

For more pictures and how to, click HERE

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Jenni said...

Just stopping in to say I'm honored that you have my blog listed as one of your favorites! I really appreciate it. You are very talented:)

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