Sunday, November 20, 2011

Brined Pork Chop Dinner

Thanksgiving is around the corner and i have been so caught up with whatever??????? and you would not believe me when i tell you that i have not even bought 'The Turkey' - a must have for Thanksgiving. Renee and Alexander are very optimistic that they might win a turkey AGAIN this year in their school Turkey Pokey. They confidently told me the other day when i mentioned that i have not bought the turkey yet - they said - Popo don't buy, we MIGHT come home with one from the school's Turkey Trot. I was so happy that they showed so much enthusiasm, i love all three of my grandchildren as they are such good kids - The chinese saying or rather my saying - "Ah po has no naughty grandchildren until they lau kei". So, for all those people who have not bought the turkey, please do so today cos these frozen birds take awhile to thaw and the clock is ticking fast to Thanksgiving Day. In the meantime, we all still have to dine and since the mind has been refreshed to BRINING, i would like to share a BRINED PORK CHOP dinner...............

To Continue to read and the recipe is HERE

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