Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Renee's 8th Birthday Cake

Today is Renee's 8th Birthday and i am still busy although her birthday party for her friends was on Saturday last weekend, i have to make cupcakes for her class, now and the sooner i get this posting done, the faster i can get started with the cupcakes.  There were so much prep for her Birthday Cake, her theme was Art and Craft and she wanted so many impossibles which i am not capable of.  I had just wanted to make the figure 8 and put in sweet girly things.  In the end, we compromised, i had my figure 8 and she had her paint palate, with paint brushes, paints etc.  HAPPY BIRTHDAY RENEE.


2 x 8 inch cake of choice
Modelling paste - 1/3 cup water
                            2 tsp powdered gelatin
                            3 tsp glucose/corn syrup
                             4 cups confectioner's sugar


Put water into a small saucepan, sprinkle the gelatine on to the water.

Heat gently until the gelatine dissolves, do not allow to boil. 

Remove from heat, stir in the glucose /corn syrup and allow to cool.

Place confectioner's sugar into a bowl.  Gradually pour in the liquid, mixing till the paste forms a plastercine-like consistency.

Turn out onto a a clean board dusted with a little cornstarch and knead till smooth.
To make different colours, divide the dough and tint each piece with food coloring, kneading well with the colours you wish to use.



Tuty @Scentofspice said...

Happy Birthday, Renee.

Lily, she's so lucky to have you. Her cake looks beautiful.

Claire said...

Your grandchildren are so so lucky Lily! Happy Birthday to Renee!

Mary said...

This is just beautiful, Lily. I'm sure she just delighted - tickled pink, as we say.

MaryMoh said...

Happy Birthday Renee! That's such an awesome cake! Lily, she's lucky to have you and you are lucky to have her :D

Maureen said...

Lily, you are so creative! Your grandchildren are so lucky and I am sure their school friends look forward to YOUR grandchildren's birthdays!!!

Happy Flour said...

Hi Lily,

Wow, this cake look fabulous. Happy baking. :)

lilyng said...


good choice of words, Renee was tickled pink over her pink cake. You should see the smile on her face.

Honey Bee Sweets said...

Such a sweet and artistic cake! Happy birthday to dear Renee! ;)

kitlaura said...

Hi lily
everyone thought only mummy would do impossible task for her children, surely, it is time that grandma should go in the limelight to receive standing ovation too. beautiful cake. thanks for sharing all your yummy receipes too. Happy Birthday to Renee.
best regards

Ube said...

Happy Birthday Renee! It is a lovely cake and the color and decor is very girlish one. With all the cakes you baked this must be exceptionally yummy!

Yee Er said...

The cake looks gorgeous. Renee is blessed to have such a wonderful and loving popo.

Blessed Homemaker said...

Wow! This cake is awesome! I'm sure Renee loves her cake! I know my 8yo will be thrilled if she were to see this and I'm not showing her least she asked me for it.

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