Thursday, October 29, 2009

Wan Pin Kou

It snowed so badly yesterday and today and i am snowed in. I made this as the whiteness of this snack sort of resembled the snow. This is a very traditional snack of yesteryears. It used to be in a rectangular cut shaped snack packed in pink paper and i wonder if it is still so. There is no flavorings or colorings whatsoever, just sweet and white, that is why it is packed in pink paper cos chinese associates white with death. I think this snack looks more appealing with patterns and a filling to enhance the taste. It is easy and fun to make but has to be consumed when freshly made as it will get hardened fast in high altitude, even in air-tight containers, perhaps it is better at sea-level places.

100 gm. Koh fun (cooked glutinous rice flour)
80 gm. icing sugar
20 gm. Crisco shortening
1/4 tsp. Vanillin powder
30 - 40 gm. cold water
Hawflakes/Chopped roasted peanuts/Pineapple Jam

Mix all the ingredients for the cookie together - it should look like breadcrumbs, add more water if you have to.
Fill mould with some koh fun mixture, place some filling on top then fill mould with more koh fun mixture
Press hard to have a very vivid pattern, remove excess if there is any and knock it to remove.
This cookie/snack is ready for serving.



Anonymous said...

I remember these! The ones I ate had the black sessame filling... yummy!

Cookie said...

Hi Aunty Lily, thanks for posting this recipe. This is a good way to finish up the remaining koufun after the mooncake frenzies.


Anonymous said...

I remember in Honolulu when I was growing up a cake or cookie made of cooked dry rice ground up and honey press into mold. It was tinted pink for Chinese Children Day. This so far is as close to it.


Ube said...

Love these goodies too! I could not find koh fun in Chinatown and scouted the shelves of all Asian grocers unsuccessfully. I read in one of your posts of a homemade koh fun and I will try to make that. I love the peanut and crushed black sesame filling. Thanks again for sharing this recipe.

Mary said...

I love the embossing on the cakes, Lily. Is there a special mold you use?

lilyng said...


you see the wooden mould in the last picture, that is the cookie mould i used.

lilyng said...


look harder, i am sure you can get it in california. i have even found a vietnamese brand of cooked glutinous rice flour

ICook4Fun said...

Aunty Lily, I can't seems to find Koh Fun here in the US. Do you have a picture of how the packet look like and I will try to find it again. Thanks.

lilyng said...


here is a picture

ICook4Fun said...

Thanks Aunty Lily. I will look for this on my next shopping trip.

Anonymous said...

Hi Lily, I love these. Bring back childhood memories whenever I consume them. Yes, in Singapore and Malaysia, they still sell them in strips wrapped in pink paper. Thanks for posting. :-)


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